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August 14th topic: Return of Turd Talk. Call 866-4-RAWDOG at 11p Eastern on Thursdays to weigh in.

Future guests (not sure when exactly they'll be on):

Steve Earle - who's a big anti-death penalty nutt -
Warren Zanes () - from the del Fuegos. He's from the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame (VP of Education) and he'll be defending the Mamas and the Papas () getting in there.

Summary of the latest show (October 2nd 2008)

Recent Special Guests:
Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers (Sept 27 2007)
Leno Ruli from the Catholic Channel on Sirius (Sept 20 2007)

After being temporarily off the air LCS came back for a trial show (soft launch) Thursday June 28th at 11pm Eastern (8pm West Coast) on Channel 104 (Raw Dog). The show was live and since it's been a while since Mojo's been able to open up and share his feelings on cats and the pressures of trying to look thin, there was a lot to talk about.
The show has been live since at 11p Eastern on Thursday's. (no replays yet)

On 4/20/07 we had a top secret meeting with Mojo's manager at an undisclosed location. Apparently there's a lot of discussion at  as to the future of Mojo's show. Apparently Lyin' Cocksuckers got pulled in an odd confluence of events. As some of you may have noticed, there's been a big shift towards making channel 102 more female oriented. Mojo doesn't fit that mold. However Jay Thomas who's show is still on has been doing the show wearing lipstick, a short skirt and a frilly blouse for the last few weeks in an effort to stay on the air. Mojo wasn't ok with all of the conditions, one of which was using voice effects to make his voice a higher pitch.

Fear not. Mojo's safe on Outlaw Country and the NASCAR channel's Manifold Destiny will continue on. However it may be a few weeks before Lyin' Cocksuckers re-appears, and it will likely happen on a different channel, but we'll let you know where and when as soon as the dust settles. Meantime feel free to complain to Sirus (see above) since there's no such thing as too little support.


Apologies for being behind with show summaries etc. We're having some problems with real life getting in the way and recording problems on top of that. It's also just a little time consuming to transcribe it all.

Lyin' Cocksuckers
Because that's what politicians are!
The liars: Dick Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, Mark Foley, Georoge Bush, John Kerry, Dennis Hastert, Donald Rumsfeld


The show has been replace with some Jane show. Can't say the shows could be more opposite. No idea what happened yet, Mojo claims the show was suspended for something he said, not sure what the overall story on that is. On the plus side, I may finally get my act together and get up the back show info. Meanwhile vote for Sanjaya.

Mojo Nixon's other talk show Manifold Destiny is going live now that the NASCAR channel (128) is in production at . The show will be live and airing Saturday's in January from 3-6p Eastern. Callers welcome.

Mojo Nixon's interviewed by Greg Mills at Crackpot Press The guys at Crackpot Press have gotten an interview with Mojo and typed it all up. Check out their Mojo Interview

See more in the Show Summary

No show Friday November 17th. As announced on Howard Stern Barbara Walters of "The View" will be airing a trial run of her new show on  of highlights of her interviews from the past 30 years. Mojo's show will play as normal on Saturday and be back on the regular schedule next week.

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Mojo is having a trial run of his NASCAR talk show "Manifold Destiny" on Monday November 13th from 6-9p on Channel 128. The show will be live. Call in even if you don't have . 866-522-2846.

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On the Road - Jack Kerouac
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Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me (Twentieth-Century Classics) - Richard Farina and Thomas Pynchon
Any Tom Wolfe Books
Hell's Angels - Hunter S Thompson
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S Thompson
Steal This Book - Abbie Hoffman
The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, Leviathan - Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson
Philip K Dick
Raymond Chandler and Kinky Friedman
Nick Tosches
The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy and the American Voice - Greil Marcus
Quilt Two - Ishmail Reed
Another Roadside Attraction - Tom Robbins

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