Tonight’s topic is freedom. Last week was Jesus and Christianity. I came to the conclusion that it was there to ease people into death. But you aren’t truly free until you don’t fear death. You have to accept that death is natural and its good for the gene pool. I Mojo Nixon am not afraid of death. I’m not afraid of the government or what society will think or the church. Hell I’m not even afraid of my wife (I hope she ain’t listening).

When I hear a freight train late at night, I want to take out the trash and never come back. I used to be a touring musician. A lot of time after gigs you are just tired after a show. Sometimes I’d be behind a club and a freight train would be going by. What if I hopped on that train, then I’d be free and gone in the wind.

I know there are some basic requirements, eating, drinking, shitting. You can’t be too cold or too hot. But other than that you don’t have to do anything. “But what about my wife and my little children? What about buck-buck one and buck-buck two. What about my job and my boss. I got a mortgage and I have insurance.”

Can you truly be free if all those things are holding you down, just so you can pay insurance and pay the mortgage. You don’t have to go to work. The man has bamboozled you. You don’t have to go to church. You don’t even have to act in a certain way. You need to free your mind. There are three levels of freedom. We’re going to start with the mind. Your mind needs to let you see all the possibilities. If your mind automatically toes the line, you need to untrain your brain by eating psychedelic mushrooms. Yea you can do it other ways, like yoga. You can do anything you want to as long as you’re willing to suffer the consequences. 

The second kind is the whole, job, mortgage, kids, cats. Some people like being told what to do and being in the military. I know some guys are in marriages because they like having their wife tell them what to do. Not me. You tell me what to do, I’ll do the opposite. “Mojo, you can’t wear purple underwear”.  I will be the purpleist underwearing person that ever walked on the planet. You have some thoughts on freedom? I have a bunch.

Are we ever truly free? What is freedom? What do we get free?

You hear people say all the time, “it’s a free country”. No it isn’t. The government has hundreds of laws restricting your freedom. You can’t drive fast, you can’t buy those drugs, you can’t buy that sex. The government will get you and throw you in jail. In America, we have the illusion of freedom. Democrats and Republicans are the same bag of shit with different colors. We can choose between McDonalds and Burger King. We aren’t really free. They trick us into thinking we’re free. But we’re being puppet mastered by the man. In America, we aren’t even free to die. You can’t commit suicide. It isn’t even the right term anymore. An 85 year old isn’t committing suicide. It’s a self determination of the end of one’s own life cycle. Death is inevitable. It is natural and good. Our genetic destiny is to reproduce and make bigger and better humans. What kind of country has laws against suicide. What are they going to do re-animate your ass? They’re going to die anyway you morons.

The third freedom is political freedom. Right now it is going down the drain. Post 9/11 a US citizen can be held indefinitely and tortured until they confess to something they didn’t do. No habeas corpus. They’re reading your emails and fucking the 4th amendment up the ass. The government says they can’t use FISA, but that was set up for this sort of thing. They can’t just listen to every email, well I mean reading. You can’t just data-mine everything. We have turned our back on our civil liberties. The opposite of freedom is fear. A man who is not afraid is free. I you aren’t afraid, you can do anything. You can use your mind to choose whether to do it or not.

HL Minken quote – “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populous alarmed and hence clamorous to safety by menacing it with endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

They’re using fear to curtail our liberties. They want us to be afraid. If we sit around cowering in fear, worried about global warming etc. What if it doesn’t exist. You can do anything if you aren’t afraid of the consequences.

You might say I have to hobo it up to do this, live off the grid. It’ll either get you locked up or killed. Go ahead and do that to me. It doesn’t kill the idea of freedom. They will live on. They aren’t specific to me. I’m not afraid, if I die, the idea will still be there. People who traffic in hate will always lose because people want to be free. They want their lives to mean something.

Jimmy Nipples in NY
Jimmy doesn’t have his radio down.

Albert in OR
Albert isn’t listening or something is wrong with the phones.
To the comedy bit


I think we have the phones fixed.

Albert in OR
A – praise you, praise you. That’s why I’m leaving this country for 6 months, going to Amsterdam.
M – let me tell you something. Don’t go over there like Mojo did. Those hash brownies, you can have a piece, but don’t eat the whole cake and then try to perform a concert. I remember at one point.
A – I’ve traveled the world, and Amsterdam is it.
M – I’ll tell you what else you can do there. After you get high, you can eat French fries with that super rich mayonnaise that they have
A – I’ve been saving up for two years to be able to go over there
M – there’s a certain liberty there. I’ve had to move a couple times. I was living in San Diego and had to move to Cincinnati and then back to San Diego. The second time I just said fuck it. I sold all my stuff and threw other stuff away. I literally kept five boxes. And there is a certain freedom in that.
A – I don’t pay rent. I’ve been living in my truck for the last five years. I don’t pay no rent or bills or nothing.
M – you are a genius

Jimmy Nipples in NY again
J – I go to my local recruiting station because I don’t have many more options left. Figure go to the army and get a loan to open a restaurant. They do a background check and I have a couple traffic tickets and some other nothings and they tell me I’ll need a morality waiver. How can they tell me that when people like Spitzer gets elected to lead NY state and then he gets arrested.
M – wait a minute, did you fuck a goat
J – I ran a couple stop signs
M – you need a waiver for that? Did you shoot someone?
J – No
M – you need a morality waiver so you can go over there and kill people.
J – I’m trying to go to be an infantry person.
M – where do you get the morality waiver
J – a whole slew of people have to look at it and sign off and interview you.
M – I could use a morality waiver with my wife. “Hey baby, I got a waiver!”

Michael in TX
I – I disagree with you over many things, but this isn’t one. You can live in the most restrictive dictatorship on earth, but you’re still a free man if you can realize one thing. You can do anything you want as long as you can put up with the consequences. You just have to be willing to put up with it.
M – That’s one of the things I said. You have to be willing to suffer the consequences. You just have to not be caught.
I – I spent 12 years in the military, but I didn’t give up those years of my life to protect these lyin’ cocksuckers we have in office right now. They could be in a burning building and be unable to agree on an exit to go out.
M – they’d be crispy critters.
I – if they couldn’t leave a building until they all agree, they’d never do it.
M – We got into this position because of money. The choices we get are already bought and paid for whores by the time they get to us.

I - They end up getting nothing done because they don’t want to make the other one look good.
M – that’s a lesson I learned in radio, in radio, someone would rather come in second and have their competitor fail, than come in first and get a million bucks and have their competitor come in second and get half a million. It is more about making the other guy fail than it is about succeeding. 
I – they won’t accomplish a thing as long as they are just fighting the other side. They are so confused that they don’t even know what is best for the people anymore.
M – who would have thought that the Republicans would have started a war of choice and then unbalanced the budget.
I – I don’t vote for a party. I want to choose the person who I think is closest to what I want to have happen.
M – That’s blind allegiance. People who say this is my country right or wrong. If something is wrong, you should stand up and say something.
I – that’s what the country originally stood for

Part of the reason we are in this position is the electoral college. No 4th or 5th party will ever succeed because they won’t get enough votes in a state to win a state.  The local republicans and democrats try to make it near impossible for someone in a third party to even get on the ballot.


We just need some basic rules. Just the ones you tell your five year old. Don’t hit etc.

Once again, if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t marry someone the same sex as you. Oh you want to tell other people what to do. We need less laws, not more laws. We don’t need more regulations on things like tobacco. We need the doctors to stop advertising drugs we can’t buy over the counter. Why should we need to pester our doctor over them. Making them illegal hasn’t kept anyone who wants to do them from doing them. We need to legalize all drugs tomorrow. We don’t need freedom of religion, we need freedom FROM religion. You need to put the 10 commandments up your ass. We need to repeal all gambling and sex laws. We need to let adults do what they are going to do. We don’t need to be protected. We need to be free.

Jason in NE
J – I drive a truck and train students right out of school to drive, and one of these kids was telling me stories, and he had a drug arrest like 7 years ago, and some employer said he couldn’t hire him because he got caught with some little amount of drugs. But he had some guy on his payroll who had killed two guys, went to prison and came out. I drug dealer can get 10 years, but a rapist gets 3.
M – On TV, we can show a guy getting his head blown off, but show a little titty and everyone goes crazy. In Europe, you never see a head blown off, but there’s lots of titty. I nearly broke my wrist off when I was over there in Germany.  Do you fee free?
J – I don’t think I’m free. People are getting offended over everything. I’m not a racist, but I believe the KKK should be able to exist and do what they want as long as they aren’t out killing people.
M – I turned 50 last summer, and I don’t know if I’m just becoming an angry old man. But I just want to be left alone, live in a log cabin and tell everyone to kiss my ass.
J – if you aren’t bothering anyone you should be able to do anything you want.
M – when I go to that mountain is when I’m going to write my manifesto. The Mojo Manifesto.

Gary in AZ
G – Jimmy Nipples just needs to come clean and tell the truth. I’ve been in the Army for 6 years and they have some twisted folks here. He’s not telling the truth about something that he isn’t telling you about. We aren’t exactly the winning team  with 15 month tours.
M – yea, you go then comeback and have to do it again.
G – yea, you have to go and come back and hope you have some money left in the bank and that your wife is still there.
M – And hopefully you come home all in one piece.
G – what will be will be. You can’t even have your own land. You still have to pay taxes on it and then you can’t do with it what you want to with all the zoning rules.
M – I was down in Austin at SXSW and my buddy owns a bar there. It is a public place, but he literally had 100 rules for building a stairwell from the second floor emergency exit out. It was a nice stairwell, but because he didn’t get the right permits, they were trying to stick a screwdriver in his side and were just fucking with him. It is a bunch of bullshit.
G – it ties into other people making money. You have to wash three people’s back
M – So you mean he should have paid someone off and those permits would have come through?
G – I didn’t mean that, but that’s pretty much how it works out. The laws are set up a certain way and they have certain contractors that they use, but when you go against that, that’s when you run into problems when you try to save yourself a buck.

Skip from a secret location
S – Mojo for President. That’s what I’m thinking. My brother in law, a hero from Iraq, gets out of the service, tries to re-up for the 25k bonus and they say he isn’t medically fit.  Then they haul his ass back and now he’s on his way back to Afghanistan.
M – they are using and abusing this volunteer army. If we had a draft and we should have a draft with no exemptions. If you can’t go, you can work in a hospital or work on a farm or something. And guess what, the war would be over tomorrow. If rich people’s kids were about to die there’d be planes writing “fuck bush” over Washington.


I’m old, I’ve already lived my life. No oldest male child in my family has lived past 50. I’m n bonus time. From what I did on the road, I should have been dead 15 years ago. I know I’m going to die. Know what my retirement plan is? Death. 401k? death. I am not afraid. I got married because I like pussy. Kids came about because of the pussy. And they’re damn needy. They’re cutting down on my freedom.

Michelle in FL
I – I’m young and I do care. I don’t think I can do anything but bitch about it. I think both Obama and Clinton are both bullshit. Neither have a concern or an idea for bettering our country. Their concern is money and power, the same as all prior politicians.
M – they want to get re-elected.
I – Dem or Rep, it is sort of picking the lesser evil at the time. I may pay lower tax, but I’ll still get religion shoved down my throat.
M – I don’t care if a guy marries a goat, so long as it’s a good looking goat
I – and he uses some lube or something
M – You don’t want to hurt the goat. We don’t get many women callers here, and you’re hitting the ball right out of the park.
I - I called last time because my boyfriend takes pictures and sends text messages of his shit all the time.
M – do you feel free?
I – I think it depends on who you’re comparing it to. Compared to Afghanistan, yes, I don’t have to wear the thing over my head. But compared to Amsterdam we aren’t very free. I feel freer than most Americans because I’m not a fucking idiot like most people. The government isn’t there to protect us. Most people are stupid and can be duped and controlled. I feel freer than them because I’m not an idiot.
M – you got the central point of this show that politicians are lying cocksuckers.
I – yea. We should at least know the truth.

Shannon in WI

M – two women in a row, unbelievable.
S – I’m 20 and have worked in a nursing home for 4.5 years. I deal with old fuckers every single day. I have to go to work every day wondering if I’ll still have a job because the gov’t wants to cut Medicare and thinks we can take care of all these people at home.
M – they just don’t want to pay. My wife is a nurse. They’re just being cheap.
S – If they cut it any more, nursing homes will shut down. I’m just a kid, sure I can afford to take care of my parents and my grandparents for however long they live.
M – the whole country is confused about what to do with them. We have this science that has allowed us to keep them alive but their quality of life may not be very good.
S – here Medicare will pay for you for 28 days unless the doctor will say you need to stay, they’ll send you home no matter how fucked up you are. Someone breaks a hip, I’ll be laying in bed for three months if it was me, because of this stuff, we have them getting up 3 days after surgery. It used to be they wouldn’t move for 6 weeks

Want to thank Cara for producing the show in NY and Tim for running the board.

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