Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. One of the reasons I have this show is so I can yell about these politicians. I’m going to ask 5 questions to you guys and try to keep my ranting down.

  1. Why did we attack Iraq? Why did we invade Iraq. – There’s no easy answer. After we invaded we found there were no weapons.
  2. Why are we still in Iraq?
  3. How can we win in Iraq? It’s my opinion that we can’t win because we invaded the wrong country.
  4. How long is this BS going to go on?
  5. Is John McCain insane? I like him because he’s a little crazy. But he thinks the war is a good idea. 60-70% of the people in the US think it is a bad idea.

How is McCain going to get elected if Iraq is a shit-storm?

Evan in Chicago
E – We attacked because Bush has all those ties to the Saudi families. I think they thought they could sell cheaper oil than the Saudi’s, but we shot ourselves in the foot on that one. But can McCain win, if they get the price of oil way back down, they have a chance.
M – you think someone will manipulate international economics for political gain. You sure are cynical aren’t you
E – anything’s possible.
M – that could be true, but the economy is too screwed up. Rightly or wrongly, republicans will be blamed.
E – I think that may have been the original plan.
M – why couldn’t we just admit we made a mistake and invaded the wrong country.
E – I think it was a bad PR stunt that went wrong.

I have a list here that I saw in the paper. Halliburton made a lot of money, the mission accomplished message was poorly timed. We trusted the new Iraqi army.

Iraq is an unmitigated fuckup.
You know how many al Qaeda terrorists were in Iraq before we were there – 0

Ethan in Atlanta
E – We invaded because Saddam didn’t play the game that the other leaders wanted him to play.
M – we could have waited a month and the weapons inspectors would have told us there was nothing there
E – but that wasn’t the game the other leaders wanted him to play.
M – Saddam was our ally back in the 80’s.
E – He was an asshole, but he wasn’t playing the game of the other leaders.
M – and it had nothing to do with 9/11.
E – right, it was just timing because he wouldn’t play well with the EU leaders.
M – can we win
E – If we want to win, we can win. But it doesn’t do us any good right now. It takes fear and they want a fearful and mixed up region.
M – Ethan, you’re scaring the shit out of me

Larry in No CA
L – This whole thing was orchestrated to be a clusterfuck
M – so it was a guaranteed shit storm.
L – yup. Look who’s getting richer and look who’s dying for it. I heard today that we have the biggest airport in the world over there. The only bigger one is Heathrow.
M – we gave a lot of money to people over there with no accountability.
L – what do you think about Dick Cheney fishing over in the middle east.
M – he was with the Sultan? If we wanted revenge for 9/11, we should have invaded Saudi Arabia.
L – and who invented the terrorists? Regan
M – and the Russians. And they’re using this war on terrorism to take away all our civil liberties.

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McCain in London says that it was mishandled after initial success. This is lies. It wasn’t a success. If we went looking for weapons and there were none, that’s not a success.

The longer we stay, the longer we have to stay. Every day is another day for someone to use the argument that we can’t leave because it would mean those boys died for no reason. We can’t “win” Iraq’s civil war by shooting up one side or the other. As soon as we leave they’ll start killing each other. The only reason there was peace under Saddam is because he’d kill them before they could go after each other.

Iran isn’t meddling, Iran is next door. If someone attacked Mexico, wouldn’t we meddle? If Iran is meddling, what are we doing? Was McCain wearing a flak jacket in Iraq? Yes, because it isn’t safe. As long as we stay it will get worse.

John in VA
J – I’m active duty and heading to Afghanistan in June. What you aren’t saying is that we did find weapons of mass destruction. We didn’t find nukes
M – what did we find
J – We found mustard gas, sarin gas.
M – but it was in no shape to be used and had been destroyed
J – it wasn’t destroyed, it just wasn’t in an active missile.
M – did they use them on us when we invaded
J – no they didn’t, and I agree we shouldn’t be there and should be someplace else. I’m in the Navy, why am I heading there, because we don’t have enough people to fight two wars. And the government is downsizing. I’ve had 3 buddies kicked out because they weren’t skinny enough.
M – There’s also no draft. If there were a draft, there would be a ton of protests against the war. We could have plenty of people.

Thomas in VA
T – When you first got back on Raw Dog, I thought it was funny that someone who had a song “Vibrator Dependant” has a sponsor of Adam & Eve that sells vibrators.
M – I’m surprised anyone bought time on this show
T – the irony wasn’t wasted on me. I think we could kill 20 bin Laden’s and we have killed a number of number 2’s, but killing him isn’t going to solve the problem.
M – I’d rather put him on trial and let him spew his crazy version of religion. That would show people that he’s out of his mind. Bin Laden just called out the pope. They’re both crazy, anyone who believes god is talking to them and people who are willing to kill over it should be locked up.


Mark in NC
Ma – I’m a military brat, I’ve been all over the country and been in the Army. I agree that we stayed in the wrong war and invaded Iraq for the wrong reasons. I feel very bad from my background that I voted for Bush. Who do you see is the best candidate. Obama or Clinton. McCain is not, I was a republican, but I won’t be again.
Mo – Did you go to west point?
Ma – no, my dad was the first to not go to west point who became deputy chief of the army. There’s a lot of retired generals who oppose the war. He put Powell out on a stick and screwed him. The political powers have their agenda and I’m not going to say what it was. It has nothing to do with Hussein having WMD’s.  They’re going to have WMD’s of some sort.
Mo – Condi Rice said she didn’t want the WMD’s to be a mushroom cloud.
Ma – you follow your commander in chief and believe in him, but there’s some point that you have to start questioning it.
Mo – at some point you have to say enough is enough.
Ma – the public sees the casualty count, but they don’t see the tens of thousands who come home severely disabled. And the military doesn’t cater to your disability for the rest of your life. We had Iraq suppressed with the no fly zones. Apparently the Bush family thought it was more important to invade and finish daddy’s war.

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I’m not anti war, I’m anti war in Iraq. It is counterproductive to our goals of tamping down what led to 9/11. Had we not invaded Iraq, bin Laden could have been captured. Hussein was no threat to anyone but his own people. We can’t solve their problems for them. Iraq isn’t our problem. There’s 20 Hussein’s all over the world.

Jeff in CO
J – I want to say I’m an optimist. With the price of gas going up, a guy ought to be able to get a blow job from some housewife to pay for a gallon of gas.
M – I live down by the beach where the gas is most expensive. It is $3.85 right now.
J – should be able to live off of something that is that expensive.
M – when I was a kid it was 20 cents
J – I’m not that old. I’m with everyone else though, I was told there were weapons in there, but how we win, I think we need to stop pussyfooting around. We’re torturing, but their cutting heads off and sending video to the families.
M – I’ve said this before. Lets say we send in 500k troops and shot everything that moved. We might have control of the country, but it is just a recruiting poster for bin Laden. We win the battle but lose the war.
J – so there was no al Qaeda before we were there, but if we pull out, they’ll just stay.
M – the Sunni’s and Shiites won’t let these outsiders come in and run things. They’ll kill them before they go after each other.  People say if we leave it will be chaos. Well a lot of stuff doesn’t work and a lot of people have died. It is already chaos. People aren’t walking through fields of daisies.
J – I don’t care about the people there.

Wayne in OR
W – They’re evil. It may not have been oil at the beginning, but it is now. People have paid for the US Army to protect them and the oil, they raise the prices and we pay again for the stuff. We’re stupid.
M – if we didn’t need the oil from the middle East, we wouldn’t care about what’s going on over there. We stop importing they’ll come crawling to us wanting money.

Zeke in VA

Z – I was just down in Coronado and missed your ass.
M – I played last night in Coronado, me and my buddy Mitch Cornish played Wed.
Z – we shouldn’t be there, should be in Afghanistan, maybe. But what about Venezuela.
M – they’d make more sense than Iraq.
Z – we’d be better off figuring out how not to use so much oil.

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