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The pussification of America
We’re turning into a bunch of weak sniveling crybabies. Everyone’s gasping over a joke about Obama and renaming the White House. It was barely a joke. If we have  a black man about to become president, race will come up. The joke is harmless. No one should be offended. People on TV are constantly saying things are inappropriate for one reason or another.

Some girl on the golf channel said we should lynch Tiger Woods. That was bad because you can’t use lynch and black people. If she’d said stone him, would that be better.

Hillary said MLK needed the federal government to implement his dream. Who cares.

Any time someone says you can’t say something, that it is racisim or hate speech. I just want to say FUUUCK YOU!!! Anyone can say anything at any time. I believe in complete freedom of speech. Everyone needs to calm down and buck up.

Call 866-4-RAWDOG.

Last week there was a debate about race in the democratic primary. No one said shit. I wish they were really slinging mud and going after each other. I wish they’d show some emotion. They had a debate the other night in Nevada, what if Hillary called Obama a spear-chucker, or Edwards called him a half-breed. And Obama called Edwards the 5th Beatle ambulance chaser. What if they called Hillary a cunt.

The whole country has gone soft. This is Raw Dog, I can say anything I want. If it is true, you can say anything. And you can get away with anything if it is funny. Imus’ problem was that it wasn’t funny. He was searching for a joke and didn’t find it. If it is true, your defense can always be that what you said was the truth. If it is funny, it is even better. I’m sick of people having to apologize. They call it political correctness. Sexual harassment at work. How is someone supposed to get laid. If you hit on someone and they don’t stop, that’s harassment. If it is a titty joke, that’s just a man trying to get laid. It isn’t saying suck my dick or you won’t get a raise.

Obama is a black guy. He’s got black kids and a black wife. Mom was white. The problem with racism is when you paint all people with a stereotype. He’s one guy who’s a Romantic intellectual.

I hate the Bridges of Madison county. The bride of mojo loves it, I can’t stand it.

You have to judge Obama as Obama, on the things he’s said and done in his life. Not what Al Sharpton will do. It isn’t like they’ll have a secret black meeting on Tuesday night (Jew’s meet on Monday’s) and Sharpton will tell him what to do.  What’s up with Sharpton’s hair.

The civil war was 150 years ago. There were people hanging nooses down in Jenna. No one is getting lynched anymore. We’ve gone from lynching to just hanging a noose. I’m here now, Obama is here now, you are here now as is the black guy down the street and the Mexican guy too. We need to worry about our problems now, not what happened in the past.

BJ in CA
B – I’ve got every kind of race at my job and I don’t think the joke was funny. I’m glad you brought up Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Who appointed them as spokesmen for black people. They don’t think a thing like me.
M – they appointed themselves. It is hard for the media to find you, they look for their black specialist, Jesse Jackson
B – They don’t think like normal black dudes. They think like morons.
M – that’s making another assumption that all black people think alike. They argue amongst themselves as much as anyone else. It is barely a joke. A black guy moving into a white house.

A – I wanted to get your “Fuuuck you!” as a ring tone.  Also Clint Eastwood wasn’t prostrate in the Bridges of Madison Country.
M – I’m a hillbilly from VA. I went to college in OH and one day I was saying something was the epi-tome. And they didn’t know what the hell I was talking about.
A – There are a lot of comedians who will push the boundaries and people in audience will claim free speech. It isn’t the right to say whatever you want, it is that the government can’t tell you to shut up. Other people can certainly tell you to shut up.
M – when I said anyone can say anything about anything, the back side of that is that you have to suffer the consequences. You can say it, you have to take responsibility for your actions.
A – I suppose that’s true, but what’s going to be interesting in these primaries, or if you follow local politics, but in CA a lot of people have lied in exit polls about Tom Bradley.
M – When I was a kid in Danville VA, the big problem was interracial couples. Now you see it all the time. Time for a break. Race is not the third rail.


I want you to go to the internet and Jimmy Carter wrote an article (fake), “I got what America needs right here”. Very funny

Cody in SC

C – I’m sick of that political stuff down here.
M – any giving away beer or BBQ. They used to do that years ago.
C – that’d get my vote. The thing about Obama isn’t that he’s a black guy it is that he’s a Muslim.
M – he isn’t a Muslim. His parents are college professors. He went t Columbia law school. You think he’s a Muslim?
C – that’s what they’re floating around down here. We need to get rid of the bullshit, lock down the borders and lower the price of gas.
M – we need to stop hiring illegals. We’ll never close the borders. Build a 10 foot fence and they’ll use a 12 foot ladder. I agree on gas. If the secret reason for invading was oil, then something screwed up. Gas is over $3/gallon, not 87 cents.
C – I am a farmer, I don’t have a use for small cars. I just spent $170 for gas filling up my car. I haul feed and cows and whatever. I’m driving 10 hours a day. I use to make 40-50% profit doing what I was doing. Now it is 10-15% profit.
M – the only reason we care about the mid-east is because of oil. If it weren’t for oil we wouldn’t care what they were doing over there. The way to get them by the balls is to stop buying. We need to only get oil from NA. If we need to invade Venezuela fine, but not Iraq.
C – I have friends in Montana and they have wells on their land and the government forced them to cap the wells saying they can’t pump oil from the wells.
M – think of how much Exxon is making, and we have two oil men in the Whitehouse.

Frank in NC
F – I’m just below where you grew up in Brown Summit
M – right off 86. That’s just south of Danville VA where I grew up.
F – I agree with 100% of what you say. I vote for the person not the party. Jesse Jackson is going to screw it up for Obama
M – you have to judge him on his own merits.
F – I’m worried about Jesse and Al coming in and telling Obama what he needs to do. Screaming discrimination as much as he does is bad.
M – Obama is a smart guy. He isn’t going to let those other fools run him, he’ll run them.
F – ever time I turn on the news, I’m tired of the Tiger Woods thing
M – that woman was obviously joking when she said it. She’s a friend of Tiger’s. She used a word that people took offense to, if she’d said take him into an alley and beat him up, would that have made a difference.
F – Look at Jenna, one of those guys was a career criminal. Then in MD a few weeks later a bunch of black kids beat up a white woman.
M – those two things were unrelated. In Jenna they overreacted. In MD it was HS kids beating each other up, something they do all the time all over the place.

Little break.

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American Idol sucks. It Blows. It can kiss my ass. Those people need to be castrated so they can’t reproduce. It isn’t singing, it is karaoke at best. If someone copies a famous painter, does that make them a painter. It also isn’t a contest. It is rigged. There are writers, producers and editors. They are trying to keep you distracted so you won’t notice gas is about to hit $4/gallon. A good singer can sing a song you’ve never heard before with an acoustic instrument and make you feel it.

Singing “Brown Eyed Girl” is just mimicking. Do you think Fox will let someone win who won’t give them the best ratings. American Idol is Bulllllshit. I remember American Idol when I was younger, it was called amateur hour.

Brian in TX
B – You sound a lot better than you did on outlaw.
M – oh, I took a nap, ate some. But as I told my producer, I’m going to have to take a nap after this show.
B – they didn’t even say what they were going to have change the name of the White House to.
M – if you have the facts on your side, you can say anything. Why can blacks say nigger, and we can’t. Do we have a word we can say that they can’t. If they can say it, I should be able to say it. I don’t feel guilty that black people were slaves 200 years ago. I’m worried about me now. People need to take responsibility for their lives now. If you had a crappy situation before it is your responsibility to get out of it. People want to take a pill to make them better. Hard work and gumption will make it better.

Mike in Houston.
Mi – I like what you’re saying.
M – ever been to the Continental club down there. My piano player, Pete “Wetdawg” Gordon runs the Continental club down there on Main St. My band used to play there all the time. If you were to go see some rockabilly music, the Continental Club is the way to go.
Mi – Sounds like you should be supporting Ron Paul with what you’re saying
M – I agree with a lot of what he’s saying. I’m a Libertarian. My problem with Ron Paul is that he gets a little Jesusy on me.
Mi – he’s the only one speaking the truth.
M – what I love about him is that he’s scared the shit out of the country club republicans. He has as many votes as Thompson and Giuliani. I have this show. I like a crazy guy.
Mi – and the others are a bunch of lying cocksuckers too.

Comedy break with Chris Rock ad

Anyone can say anything about anyone. If it is the truth, you can say anything. If it is funny you can get away with it. You may have to deal with the consequences. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth.

Evan in Chicago
E – His nationality isn’t what disqualifies him. He can’t run in this state with his own peers, he can’t run the country. I write letters to the senators here all the time. I never get any replies. Part of being a senator from this state is that you have to be dirty.
M – it isn’t just IL, IL has a particular situation with the mob, but all politicians are bought and paid for in their campaign. That happens everywhere. The person who wins is the one who raises the most money, hires the best consultants and then buys the most TV ads. It isn’t the smartest or most qualified.
E – He doesn’t have the experience to run the country.
M – Obama said he wasn’t going to be a nuts and bolts bureaucrat. He’s running on the idea that people want change. He isn’t being real specific about it. Republicans are going to say the surge is working but 70-80% of the country don’t agree with the way America is going. Obama can give a great speech.
E – They better be able to talk.

I appreciate everyone calling in, but I’m completely hung over. I gotta go lay down. See you next week.


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