1/10/08 LCS

Is McCain too old? Are we ready to elect a Jew, a Mormon, a preacher. Will we elect the mayor of NYC. A lot of them have run for President, but none have ever won. Are we ready to elect the spouse of an ex-President? Do you like her and what she stands for, are you ready for a woman president and is she really a woman president or just a Bill Clinton puppet?

Don’t come in repeating stuff you heard on TV. Don’t think inside the box, eat the box and shit it out. Will we elect someone who’s 71 years old. Every earlier president is a white male and most are protestants. All are WASPS with the exception of one catholic. Dems are down to three people. One’s a woman, one’s black and the third is John Edwards. This race is wide open. Probably the most wide open since 1968. Democrats have a 1 in 3 chance of nominating a woman or a black guy.

On the republican side we have an ex mayor, a preacher, an old guy, a Mormon. Lastly we have Ron Paul. He’s gotten 10% in NH and IA. He’s batshit crazy and I may only agree with half of what he says, but he is not afraid to scare the country club republicans. That’s why I like him. Lastly there is Mayor Bloomberg from NYC. He won’t get elected, not because he’s a Jew or has all the money in the world, but because the system is rigged towards the two parties. It is because of the electoral college. If he gets on the ballot in 45-50 states, he won’t be elected because it is a winner take all thing. He won’t go from zero to a majority.

Tonight’s topic. Are you ready to elect a woman president. The next question is are you ready to elect a black president. It’s amazing how far we’ve come. In 1960 it would have been impossible for a black man or woman to even think of becoming president. I have no problem with a black guy becoming president. Why because he’s a guy. He’s from the middle class. If you took a white guy from a similar background they’d have the same ideas. It doesn’t bother me one bit. But I wouldn’t think twice of not voting for a woman. I’m married to one, but I don’t understand them.

Now there are a lot of reasons not to vote for Hillary regardless of sex. There are a lot of women in other countries who were elected. They are just acting like men. They show no feminine side. Hillary is in this category. It was big news she got emotional while giving a speech. She’s the ball buster in the Clinton clan. The difference between man and woman is that women are a mystery. They could be president, they could do great. But they scare me. Why? Because they don’t trade in reason and logic. They trade in emotion. I know I’m talking generic here, but prove me wrong and call in. Woman handle things based on emotion. Maybe I’m full of shit. I think most men if given the choice between a black man and a woman would vote for the man.

Rick in OR
R – I agree with Hillary but for another reason. She’s just a country club Democrat. She’ll just keep playing the same game. Obama is OK, but regardless of who wins the election, but we need to get the current people out.
M – does any of this shit matter. Shouldn’t we concentrate on the issues.
R – when a democrat wins, we need someone in Rice’s position who has some credibility. They should bring in Bill Richardson.
M – who would be best for the country and represents the issues the way you do. Who do you trust not to cover up
R – not a one of them.
M – None of this may make any difference. If the election comes down to a referendum against Bush
R – I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

David in OH
D – I don’t think there’s a candidate on either side worth crap.
M – part of the reason for having a president is because you don’t want Kings. Going from one Republican family to one democrat family is messing it up a bit.
D – what legacy did Bill have? Getting his dick sucked in the Whitehouse? Bush is killing our kids.
M – I’ve been married and had my dick sucked by a young lady. It’s good.  I’m pro-dick-sucking.
D – don’t you think he could find someone better looking
M – I’ve found over the years it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference what they look like, you can’t see them.

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The republicans usually have things all figured out and people like Ron Paul can’t get any traction. Well they have 5-6 front runners.

Neil in IL
N – Black man or white woman, I’d vote for the white woman before the black man. This country has enough minority organizations providing political pressure. I think if Obama was elected we’d have a strong push of the minority organizations.
M – Some people don’t like black people at all. What they’re really saying is they don’t like poor black people. Black middle class people have a job, healthcare and send their kids to college. People have more of a problem with class than race. People just assume that in SC that black people will vote for Obama because he’s black.
N – Maybe because they think they’ll get some minority representation. I think we’ll get a lot of pressure then from these black organizations.
M – don’t you think Obama would go out of his way to make sure that didn’t happen? Wouldn’t he have to go out of his way just to show he isn’t favoring black folks.
N – I don’t think so. I think that’s how he got to where he is today with the minority groups supporting him. I think we’ll see this across the rest of the country.
M – are you married, don’t women scare you. I’ve been married to one forever. It isn’t that I want to live on an island surrounded by men. But they scare me.
N – I still would rather vote for a woman rather than getting Obama or his staff caving to minorities. I want to see America as one, not as a race.

Todd in NY
T – I’m a republican and I try to stay out of politics because it irritates me. I want to do what’s right. Regardless of man, woman and sex, let’s leave the bullshit out of it.
M – I think a lot of people would agree with you. When a president looks at something, they should look at it as, “What’s the best solution. What makes the most sense for America in the long run?” What will raise everyone up a bit.
T – I’m no fan of Hillary. But anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn’t die, you don’t want to fuck with.
M – is your wife listening,
T – no, on the way home from work.
M – my wife may throw something at me every now and then. But I’m afraid she’ll stab me with a fork sometime soon.

T – It is all smoke anyway. We have a democratic governor now in NY. Everything he said he’d do he’s done a 180 on. Why should an illegal immigrant need a drivers license. I work for GE and the shift work has allowed me to do a lot, and I get drug tested on a random basis monthly. But start doing that to people on welfare. Make them pass a test. It shouldn’t be on the people running the world, but on the ones running us dry.
M – I think  there should be an 8% flat tax. It’ll put the IRS out of business and a bunch of tax lawyers and accountants out of business.  Doesn’t matter how much you make, you pay 8% and the government needs to figure out how to run on that. When it comes to welfare, anyone who wants it can get $1000/year or $5k. But you can only get it once. There’s a whole group of people out there, doesn’t matter what race they are, they don’t want to work. They just want to lay around and do nothing. Let’s pay them to get the fuck out of the way. But if you paid someone $200/mo to get out of the way, the rest of us could get a lot done.
T – All I want s an honest working man or woman who’s had to work shifts and support a family.
M – That’s the problem I had with Gore and Kerry, both were from privileged families.

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Latest poll due in Playboy Friday says that Republicans have more sex than democrats. Let me tell you that Pagan atheists from the libertarian party have sex every day. Don’t the Christians who are always talking about family values, are they pro-fucking or anti. I’m pro-fucking. And I am pro nudity.

John in FL
J – On Hillary, when she gets down to SC she’s going to smack clams with Feinsad to get money. She gets pissed up and moody one day and gets the fuse on her tampon lit and we’re all in trouble. With Obama, you know Sharpton is just rubbing his hands together waiting for him to get in office. I say put Hoffa and Guido the pimp in there. Guido will get them the 72 virgins and Hoffa will whack them.
M – we don’t want to trade one idiot for another. The best way to use Hillary is face down and butt up with Bill using the double sided dildo.
J – Chris Rock blames Hillary for the mess with the intern. If she’d been under the desk sucking his dick rather than the intern, none of the mess would have happened.

Mike in Cleveland.
Mi – My son is 13 and you are right up there next to god and Elvis with us.
Mo – I have a 13 year old son and I have trouble getting through to him. Maybe we could trade for a while or something.
Mi – my son thinks you’re hilarious. If we get Hillary in I think us men would be screwed, what about you running.
Mo – Oh you mean put another Nixon in the Whitehouse because Mojo’s not a dick.
Mi – yes.
Mo – It sounds like a great idea until you look though Mojo’s past. It wouldn’t take a team of investigators. The documentary would be like 9 hrs long, and eventually the thing with the goat will come up. I just want to say the goat was leading me on and it was a good looking goat. I didn’t do it with an ugly goat.
Mi – Bush has a past
Mo – But he’s a Bush. Same thing with Hillary. Bill was the smartest guy in AK. And he became governor. That’s not saying a lot. It’s AK. Every been to AK? Land of opportunity. Why? Because there’s nothing there. Hillary is going to trade on someone else’s name. What she’s saying is that if you marry the right guy you can become president. It isn’t good for women.
Mi – I still think you should run and you’d turn us in a different direction.
Mo – I’ve been threatening to write a book for a while “The Mojo Manifesto” and it is going to be like “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine part two. Once I write that, then I’ll run for president and erase some things from my past.

Matt in NM

Ma – I came from a democrat family in MD and they were hard liberals until Clinton took office. They’ve left more dead bodies behind them. There will be info out in the future of all their “friends” that turned up dead while they were in office.
M – If you list all the people the Clinton’s killed, it won’t be anywhere near the number killed in Iraq.
Ma – I was in the military, a friend is 45 and did two tours over there, he reenlisted and went back. I asked him why (he’s got a wife and kids) he said because we need to be there. If we don’t clean it up, they’ll come back at us. Look what happened in Madrid.
M – This is fear-mongering. We’ve been attacked twice on US soil. 9/11 was a massive success, but it was a minor irritant. By definition all the terrorists can do is nip at the edges.
Ma – When Obama was in IL, in IL. You don’t have to vote yes or no to a bill. You can say “here”. He did that 136 times. Those three want to raise our taxes and bring in healthcare. Edwards belongs to a company that took a hundred homes in SC, NC, MD and VA. Repoing homes because they couldn’t pay their mortgage. How can you protect someone when you work for a company who’s doing what he says needs to be fixed.
M – Do you like any of the republican candidates?
Ma – 1 and that is Fred Thompson.
M – because he’s avuncular?
Ma – People in AZ say that McCain doesn’t want to protect the border. The illegal aliens are coming across. Now he’s starting to realize that the Americans don’t want the illegals here as well as keeping out al Qaeda.
M – but al Qaeda didn’t come over illegally. They came on tourist visas.
Ma – Had there not been a law put in place by the Dems to restrict talking between the pentagon, FBI, secret service etc. 9/11 probably would have been prevented.

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We have a technical glitch and my computer connection to NY has gone haywire.

Dave from Canada, Calgary
D –I want to talk about how you attract all these beer-belly-sharecropper-idiots. The last caller said we were in Iran. We haven’t been in Iran. Do you have any intelligent people down in the states?
M – I want to say to our cold Canadian cousins, but we’ve gone through a rough patch.
D – Rough patch? You’re saying we’ve only been attacked twice in 30 years, and they’re still paranoid
M – a lot of them have drank the kool-aid of 9/11. Like Giuliani. And suddenly we’re in this thing like it is WWII. In WWII they made pennies out of steel, everyone sacrificed. Have you seen a big scrap metal drive in the US.
D – I’ve seen an oil drive by Halliburton.
M – I thought one of the secret reasons we went to Iraq was to get cheaper oil, but gas is more expensive. They are some greedy motherfuckers. They’re so rich they’re super rich.
D – What do you think of Lewis Black
M – I love the fact that he’s about to pop at any moment. That vein in his forehead.
D - We love him and this show up in Canada. We call this place Houston North.

B – I’m in MO. I didn’t like that last guy. Not sure what planet he comes from but he needs to get a map of the US. Obama or Clinton couldn’t do worse than GW. Obama reminds me of Kennedy.  Hillary is a smart lady, but I don’t know.
M – I have a slight psychological problem where I’m afraid of women. I’m not saying I wouldn’t vote for a woman. I don’t think Hillary is the right one, but I’d think twice.
B – I’m undecided, but I won’t vote republican.
M – right now they aren’t talking about the war, Bush or the economy. I think the election will be a referendum on all three. Unless they turn it around real quick , they’ll be in trouble come the election.

Carlton in NC

C – With one hand we’re shooting Muslims and with the other, we’re trying to elect them. I also want to track down the guy who is letting the 13 year-old listen to the show. That’s probably child endangerment.
M – Some people claim I swear too much, but I tell them this show isn’t for kids. It’s like the Sopranos.
C – That Canadian better rub noses with seals to keep warm.
M – everyone loves Canada. They haven’t attacked or taken over anything. We are the big dog, and we should be smart about it without acting like the schoolyard bully. We should hunt down the people responsible for 9/11. But they aren’t in Iraq.
C – yea, they’re in Washington. I buy porn on the internet and I get a call asking if I made the purchase, but you buy airline tickets for six different people in 6 states and no one tracks that stuff.
M – how much porn are you buying? You go over a limit or something.
C – one of them was called Mojo and a goat.
M – that’s a good one isn’t it. That was a good looking goat.
C - That wasn’t no cow you were milking in one scene.

This show is supposed to be wild, crazy and free. Sometimes you get tired of the other shows and you just want someone to say that it is bullshit.

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