Who will be the next President of the USA?
Special guest host newswoman Ladonna Harvey, legendary newswoman in San Diego.
Mojo gives the results from Iowa as of then that Obama wins Iowa, Edwards and Clinton tied for second. On the Republican side there’s Huckabee, a hillbilly from AK who loves god got 34% and Romney got 35%. Fred Thompson 14% got a little lackadaisical. He’s waiting for the others to shoot each other up and hope they just hand him the nomination. McCain 13%. Ron Paul, el Nutjob, 10% and Giuliani only 4%.

Tonight’s topic is going to be politics and who will win the nominations. Can you stand any of them. Some of you will say that they’re selling the same bag of shit with different colors on it. What about a 3rd part candidate like Bloomberg.

Are we going to have Huckabee or Obama next year?
Ladonna – no. We won’t have huckabee because the only conservative thing about him is the religion thing. Everything else about him is big government and the republican base won’t have it. Ron Paul is making things interesting. I truly think it will be Romney.
M – Can a man named Huckabee be elected. What if it was Fuckabee or Suckabee.
L – Suckabee would work.
M – he’s from AK and a lot of Republicans have to be afraid of anything from there. My big problem is that he’s schock full of Jeasus. If Jesus comes back while you’re running for president, I’ll have a question for him. Where the hell have you been for the last 2000 years. We need you.
L – We won’t see Huckabee because beyond the religion thing there isn’t anything to push him forward.
M – You say you like Romney
L – Ron Paul is my favorite
M – Ron Paul has your heart, but you think Romney will win the nomination?
L – Yes. He’s got the hair.
M – If it were hair, Edwards, the 5th Beatle would be president.
L  - he also has those feral marshmallow teeth.
M – Romney is a mormon who was governor of MA. That’s like a Hasidic Jew who’s the governor of WY trying to win the democratic nomination.
L – it could happen
M – its not going to happen. We have a caller here who thinks Ron Paul is going to win Iowa. Iowa’s over buddy. I liked a lot of Ron Paul’s libertarian ideas. We need less government and less laws. I want to be left alone. I want the church and the state to stay away from me. The whole thing with Ron Paul is that he gets a little religious. Libertarians are supposed to see through the facade or as I like to call it the veil of mendacity that is religion. Why can’t he be a real libertarian and say that the little imaginary friend doesn’t exist.
L – I don’t think someone can get the nomination in the republican party unless you have religion.
M – that’s going to be Huckabee’s thing. The dems love that because they can beat him down. He’ll get less votes than McGovern. There was a big turnout for dems. Let’s say it is Romney and Hillary or Obama and Giuliani. It doesn’t matter, this is going to be a referendum on the last 8 years of Bush
L – I don’t think the war is going to play into it. I think the economy will
M – I think the republicans think that, and they aren’t playing into that now. Come the election they are going to have to talk about the war. It is my opinion that the dems could have Hitler Jr running and he’d win. People are tired of the imperial presidency. After 9/11 Bush thought he could get away with anything he wanted. Ladonna would you like to say something.
L – I’ll try.
M – If there’s a big turnout for dems it could go either way. In my opinon it will be a dem landslide.
L – I don’t think the dems can field a candidate that everyone will be able to get behind. You have Clinton who’s incredibly polarizing. But I think she’s the obvious choice. I think Obama is the only other factor. But I don’t think his machine can overcome Hillary’s
M – I agree with you there.
L  - I don’t think Hillary can win.
M – I have a lot of problems with Hillary. 1. We don’t need another Clinton. The same way we didn’t need another Bush.
L – We’re not comfortable with dynasties.
M – 2nd Hillary isn’t helping women. The smartest thing Clinton did was marry Bill. If she hadn’t married Bill she wouldn’t be getting any votes. She’d be that evil bitch on the sideline. The first woman president should have a husband who’s an architect, a wrestler or a bike racer, not the best politician in the last 20 years.
L – she does pale in comparison to bill. She doesn’t have his charisma. Bill is a shitty person, but he was a marvelous politician.
M – if you think of them as a team, he’s the big idea and touchy feely (on a number of levels) but she’s the detail person. Plus Hillary was wrong about the war. I was against the war before it happened. I’m not a Johnny come lately. The other thing about her is that she’ll energize the republicans. They hate Bill, but she’s Satan. If anything can keep the democrats from winning, it could be Hillary. I also think it is much harder to elect a woman than a black man.
L – I find that argument pretty persuasive.
M – two middle class guys (one white, one black) who both went to college and law school have a lot in common. We don’t understand women. We like food and pussy, but we don’t understand them. It isn’t that women have to act like men to win the game. There’s usually upsets in IA or NH, but generally the one who has the machine wins.  It will all be decided on super Tuesday. Who has an organization in all those states will win.
L – Ron Paul is on the internet and a great grass roots following. He’s making just enough noise that the other guys need to answer. They’ll have to deal with the issues he brings up.
M – we haven’t even mentioned Rudy. He isn’t trying in NH or IA.
L – he has so many big gov’t ideas that it won’t make the republican base happy.
M – they’ll have to look the other way on abortion or him in drag. And he was pretty cute.

Quick break

L – no landslides in IA
M – Giuliani was attacked, he didn’t study terrorism. Bush didn’t walk out all manly.
L – he wasn’t supposed to creep out all the kids by running out of there.
M – if Rudy was so good and had jumped up and stopped the planes bare-handed, then he could be St Rudy of 9/11

JT – I’m a Regan republican and think he was one of the best presidents and I disagree with you about Clinton. Reagan did a lot more. I like Paul and I like what Rudy did to clean up crime, but I don’t like his family issue stuff. But I’d pick Giuliani because I know more about him. I think Clinton will create more gov’t than get rid of it.
M – I, a libertarian nut job can agree with that.

Scotty in FL
S – I agree with you that there’s too many laws. They want a law for everything. What pissed me off was that as soon as XM and Sirius talked merger the gov’t stepped in and said they want to mess with it.
M – here we are having a psycho radio show, and the man wants to put us down.
S – I’m an ex vet and I was in Iraq. I don’t vote for anyone in the gov’t, and I wouldn’t disrespect anyone who’s spilled blood for this country. Let’s have mandatory drug and alcohol testing for the Senate and Congress every time they’re about to vote. I bet senator Kennedy voted more times smashed. But I pay my taxes late and they come right after me. He doesn’t want to drive with me near a bridge.
M – All politicians are nothing but a bunch of lyin’ cocksuckers.
L – I can’t say it, I’m a terrestrial girl. They took my testicles.
M – when I was on the radio here, I really wanted t say Bull shit.

Matt in CA
Ma – you mentioned stem cell research, and I wanted to let you know it doesn’t require  embryos anymore.
M – lots were doing it with private money. Now it is about public money. We kill dogs in dog pounds every day. What is the difference between that and Vick.
L – he had a little less tact by using his hands. I’m vegetarian.
M – people kill chickens every day because they’re delicious.

NFL Radio ad

I’m upset that Obama’s momma is dead because we can’t use the “Obama Mamma”.
What are the big issues going to be. I think it will be the war.
L – And I think it will be the economy. Voters want to deal with the stuff at home the affects them directly.
M – if gas is over $3/gallon and money is tight and jobs are going overseas how does it help republicans
L – because republicans are small government and taking less of your money. Democrats want to take all your money and distribute it as they see fit.  I’m really glad you did drugs so you can’t be president.
M – I’m for an 8% flat tax and I want to tax churches double. They prey on the gullible people. I’m not worried about going to hell. Everyone I know is going to be there. Some may say that isn’t enough money. Well the government may have to cut back a little. With 8% it would put the IRS and tons of lawyers and accountants out of business. I’d be crying. This nominating process defies logic.
L – that’s what makes it so fun. Who would predict that Obama and Huckabee would come out on top.
M – Lincoln came out on top from the state legislator because he was a good wrestler. What about Obama and Huckabee.
L – Well Huckabee may have God on his side.
M – God’s about touchdowns, not wrestling.

Jamie in El Paso
J – The only person who will win is Rudy. I’m hoping he will. He’s pro-union and I’m a union guy.
M – you think he’s pro-union.
J – I just hope truck drivers make more than they do
M – we all hope they get paid better because here at Sirius if it wasn’t for the truckers no one would be listening. Rudy may be too liberal for down south
L – he won’t.
J – I think he’ll win all over if he says the right stuff.
L – He’s going to have a hard time beating Fred Thomson down there.
M – he’s very southern and has a hot wife
L – he’s a perfect southern man, a hot wife.
M – where’s wife #1
L – she’s probably sitting someplace keeping her mouth shut
M – saying she’s paid off
L – well I’m sure there’s some alimony. Some sperm donor got sued for child support and almost lost until some judge stepped in.
M – I’m not talking child support, I’m talking alimony. How is that right. As Chris Rock said, no pussy, no money.

Larry in KY
M – we have a Yankee in NY, he may not understand southerners.
Lar – you need to run this country like a business. And the person I’d like to see run the country is Lee Iacocca.
L – the problem is that he’s sane and doesn’t want to run.
M – part of the problem is that when you run the government, you don’t run it to save money, you run it to get reelected. If someone would use logic and reason to make decisions.
L – it would never get past the primaries.
Lar – all the organizations in DC are run like businesses.
M – maybe it doesn’t matter. The giant bureaucracy will grind away regardless. Maybe if it is you’re guy it will have a smiley face on it. Gotta take a break. Ladonna what’s the name of the show?
L – Lyin’ C, I can’t say it.

Comedy break

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Where’s the candidate who will legalize drugs. All drugs.
L – they’re too high to bother
M – Ladonna came in because I was asking my wife who she liked and she couldn’t tell me why she liked Hillary. Obama was too young and inexperienced, Edwards was too cute and not tough. Hillary had balls.
L – she had to, she took everyone’s around her.
M – Does Hillary have a soft feminine side
L – no
M – how did she have them children, child.
L – I think it was accidental. Remember in “Waterford Chocolate”
M – hold on, you think Mojo is watching that crap?
L – the husband puts a hole in the sheet.
M – Some Hasidic Jews do that too. Know how you make a family?
L – no, I haven’t done that yet.
M – two naked people fucking. If you’re against naked people fucking, get out of my face, you aren’t for family values. Who do you like.
L – I like Ron Paul. I hate the IRS. I like small government. If I saw the IRS go away I would laugh my way to best buy. A lot of times other candidates will adopt policies of others. So his ideas may live on.
M – Romney isn’t a republican. He’s like Jeff Gordon. I want a president who has sat down in front of a pile of checks wondering how to pay the bills.
L – all of them are from privilege.
M – not John Edwards. He’s from NC. I’m from NC.
L – and that makes it ok
M – John Edwards’ dad worked at a cotton mill. My daddy worked at one. He’s brutally handsome, I’m brutally handsome.
L – you’re only somewhat brutally handsome.
M – what I hate about Edwards is that he’s and attorney, so is Obama. I’m no fan of lawyers, they’ll lie about anything. Truth can be bought. But he’s also a class action lawsuit lawyer, and good at it. Maybe Obama could just give speeches.
L – I think you have to be a decent administrator.
M – Not letting your vice president run over you?
L – that’s hypothetical. I don’t think Bush is the idiot everyone thinks he is.
M – he’s gotten that far because his last name is Bush. A different last name and he’d be selling insurance in Midland. Gore’s father was a senator, Kerry’s middle name is Forbes. Bush’s grandfather’s name was Prescott. Why did we invade Iraq.
L – it looked like and easy target.
M – we created more problems.
L – we’re there, and we need to finish. It is getting better
M – the terrorists there are Iraqi terrorists. How many al Qaeda cells were in Iraq before we were there.
L – we can’t leave it with a sucking chest wound.
M – we need to leave, our enemy isn’t there.
L – bin Laden isn’t an enemy anymore. They’re a lose group. It doesn’t matter why, we’re there. If you want to know why we’re there you’d have to ask him .
M – we’ve created more terrorists. If you want to show how tough you are you’d destroy Mecca
L – I don’t think we’ll be there for 20 years.

M – we will because the Iraqi’s haven’t taken part in the rebuilding. It is an unnatural situation there. They’ve been mad at each other for years.
L – and that won’t change.
M – Bush is nothing but a Lying Cocksucker.


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