Mojo’s voice is back. Something has been bugging Mojo for a year now. It is irking the psycho and he’s completely irked. He’s sick and tired of the constant whining about the tone of the debate in politics. Talking heads, chat rooms. She said a bad word, that was politically incorrect.

We must shunt him (Don Imus) meanwhile the real issues remain. Who cares what Rush Limbaugh says. Who’s listening to crazy people and what they say [ed. cough, what about this show].
I’m sick of the speech police trying to get everyone to fit into a box. There’s no limits to free speech.  You can’t go too far.

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I’m not interested in the tone. I’m interested in getting the troops out of Iraq. If someone has gone too far, they’ll stop listening to them. Anyone can say anything. May the best idea win. Don’t vote for that person. Don’t shut people up. Let the idiots hang themselves. We need an open society with a free debate. I’m here to win. I want to debate real issues and I’m not interested in what you can and can’t say.

Words are meaningless. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. I don’t want to invade Iran. I’m against torture. I want to take the profit out of healthcare. I want to fix the immigration problem. I’m for equal protection for gays under the law. I want a better president. I’m for a national draft

Can you go too far. Can’t say nigger or cunt. Why do blacks and women get words they can say, but I can’t. I’m interested in winning the debate and ending the war in Iraq. Should we have political correctness. Could one person call and explain how attacking Iran isn’t going to be Iraq pt 2.

Yes, maybe they’re getting nukes, but so does Israel and Pakistan. What kind of club do you need to join. You can’t get rid of nukes. They’re here. We need to be smart enough not to use them. You ban them, I’ll want to have them. Back in HS if they banned purple pants, I was the crazy person who would then only wear purple pants.

Is there a limit to debate, are there words you cant say. Or should we just talk of the issues. Should we invade Iran.

Don’t give me this crap about sending the wrong message to the kids. How you raise your children is your problem. Wait a minute, my computer just went all haywire.  My daddy used to say I could screw up a one man rock fight. You teach your children, I’ll teach mine.

Isaiah Thomas. Sexual harassment is two things. Someone makes sexual advances and you tell them to stop, or if you say to your underling, if you don’t suck my dick you don’t get a raise. Both are wrong.

How do you expect anyone to get laid.

Fred Thompson’s wife. Former senator from TN who’s running for president. Telling Z-man to type people’s calls back into the system.

Jerry Thompson shakes off the trophy wife label. She is a trophy label. If your wife is the same age as your kids and pretty good looking and you’re pretty successful, she’s a trophy wife. She isn’t the girl you married at the beginning. She didn’t bear the first set of children.

Steve in LI
Steve – screw political correctness. You can say whatever you want
Mojo – we need to cut through the BS
Steve – say what you want and then get back to the real deal
Mojo – lets argue about the war, lets argue about everything.
Steve – Invading Iraq and immigration those are hot topics. I’m 20 and going what the hell
Mojo – I’ve got a solution, take more psychedelics

Larry in IN

Larry – I’ve got a problem with immigration. My Irish ancestors
Mojo – are you Larry Bird from French Lick?
Larry – no, I don’t like basketball
Moj o – don’t like basketball in IN. You a communist. You like race cards.
Larry – Limbaugh is paid to go to far
Mojo – yea, but they shouldn’t have people on the Senate trying to pass laws to censor them
Larry – why are people all of a sudden being nice to people south of the border?
Mojo – the problem with immigration is that they need to put the people who hire them in jail
Larry – there’s a Tyson plant here that they send busses to the border to pick them up.

Comedy clip
NASCAR radio ad ad

An actual headline. Don’t meddle in Lebanon. Bush says to Syria. What are we doing in Iraq? Um, meddling.

Now also secondhand smoke. Why is it that if secondhand smoke is so bad everyone isn’t dead. My parents chain smoked for the first 20 years in my life with the windows closed.

They’ve proposed something in CA to ban smoking in apartments. Hell if this keeps up, I may start smoking. I grew up in Danville VA and the only way I could rebel  was to not smoke.

Imus had a bad joke.
Lionel in SD
Lionel – the problem is money. US is the biggest seller of weapons.
Mojo – Bill Hicks had a bit, why do we know Iraq had weapons. Because we had a receipt.
L – Where is the money going, why don’t people talk about that
M – it is bush’s cronies that are making all that money like Halliburton
L – let’s give these companies some light rail or something contracts.
M – I want a floating go-cart. I want my sex slave, I want my 20 hr work week.

Brian in FL
In Orlando.
Brian – who’s stupid enough to invade Iran. I’m leaning towards that. If you got your wish and we pull out of Iraq. Who’s the most powerful country in the mid-east at that point.
M – Israel and Saudi
B – militarily it is Iran. We could fuck them up. There is more of an argument to go to war with Iran that Iraq. Russia wants us out of the Mideast because it helps them financially.
M – our failure in Iraq should be a lesson to us for Iran. We negotiated with N Korea and it worked. The genie is out of the bottle. Countries will get nuclear weapons. If you have enough colleges and scientists to build a nuke, you also have a reason not to use it. If you have nothing you have nothing to lose and you don’t have anyone to build the weapon. India and Pakistan have never gone after each other with them.
B – But Iran has said they’ll blow Israel off the map.
M – is the nut job running Iran any crazier than Bush. Why does any country get them. All the energy it takes to build one makes you sane enough not to use it.
B – Iran’s leaders are crazy
M – well ours was crazy enough to attack Iraq with trumped up weapons. Iran is probably 5-10 years away from having a bomb
B – yea
M – HDTV. We’re going to win with porno and coca cola

Time for a break.
Spending another evening alone, try

Neil Young in background
Hope to have Steve Earle a big anti death penalty
Warren Zanes from Del Fuegos. From rock hall of fame defending the Mama’s and Pappas getting in there

We shouldn’t be censoring people. If people don’t like what you’re saying, they’ll change the channel.
If they don’t like what you have to say, the censors can suck my harry dick.

John in NM
John – the politicians are screwing it up.
M – what they’re saying is that someone should be censored because they themselves got censored.  There’s a short list of issues that can be solved by the government.
J – that would be too easy. Lets talk about stuff that isn’t important.
M – Obama said he won’t wear a flag pin anymore
J – what’s that got to do with running for office
M – you shouldn’t pledge allegiance to a symbol. You should do it to the Constitution. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. People are afraid to admit we invaded the wrong place. We made a mistake
J – If we were attacked on our soil it is patriotic to defend our soil. It isn’t patriotic to send our troops over there.
M – we allowed bush to do this and used 9/11 to trick us.

Ted in TX
Ted – I’m in Austin
M – been to the continental club. I can drink that place dry. I have an unlimited bar tab there.
T – every year I want to go to the pancake breakfast. I had no problem with going to Iraq, my problem is with staying. We dragged down the statue and leave. If we’d done that and shown the world what we’d do it would have set an example.
M- that’s good if there was a natural insurgency there. But there wasn’t . They didn’t have to do any work there.
T – it isn’t about Iraqi freedom. We got sucker punched in 9/11 and we reacted.
M – I don’t give a shit about Iraq. Osama isn’t there.
T – after we went in it got Libya to get on our side. Now sticking around and screwing it up we’ve lost our credibility.
M – originally bush said Iraq was trying to build weapons. That was proven wrong, and now we’re trying to spread the story that Iran is supporting the insurgents in Iraq.
T – the point should be to intimidate other countries into coming into our line of thinking.
M – if we’re just going to intimidate, put a nuke on Mecca and kick some ass.

Comedy clip

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Eric in NY
Eric – I don’t think we need the debates. They’re good for late night shows
M – You mean the presidential ones
E – Yea
M – I’m talking about the ones in society, what irks me are these people on the web, talk radio and TV who are constantly whining and bitching that someone on the other side has gone too far. I think you’re right about the Presidential debate. There isn’t a lot of debate. Know what would be good? Abraham Lincoln used to wrestle his opponent. I think that would be good.
E – Put it at the Garden with WWE
M – Battle Royale, cage match.
E – Giuliani and Clinton
M – You know she’d probably have a foreign implement. Remember how wresterlers used to always have a foreign object in their pants. And it was always some French Canadian wrestler. At least down where I was. Something like Jacques the Bad Guy or something like that. Always had something to cut peoples foreheads so they’d bleed.
E – Clinton would probably have some extra grease.
M – Speaking of Hillary even if I agreed with a lot of her points. I don’t think we need another Clinton in the White House. We don’t need two Bushes and then two Clintons. I don’t think it is good for the country.  And I don’t think it is good for women. The first woman president’s husband should be an architect, not the greatest politician of the last 50 years?
E – You think he was the greatest?
M – Maybe the greatest politician, he may not be the best, or the best for the country, but this is Bush’s problem. Bush isn’t a good politician. Bush is a true believer. It used to be alcohol talked to Bush. Now it is God. God told him to invade Iraq. He sees everything in black and white. A good politician is in the business of getting re-elected and saving his ass and eventually that helps the people. Bush doesn’t give a fuck about the Republican party. In fact the Republicans are going to be killed, murdered. Every Republican who is in a tight race is going to lose. Why? Because Bush is just hanging onto Iraq and he wouldn’t let go of Rumsfeld and wouldn’t let go of Gonzalez. Bush isn’t a politician. Know what Bush is? He’s the son of a President. Had his name been GW Jones he’d be selling insurance in Topeka.
E – So is Corzine a worse politician than Clinton cause he doesn’t have to pander to people who are giving him money. Corzine is rich from his Goldman days and can play to what the people want, not just the ones who are sending him money.
M – That’s a special case there. I think Clinton is a better political maneuverer. That doesn’t mean he’s a better person. Just that he’s smarter at the game. Better at the strategy. Not only does Hilary have huge name recognition and is a woman but she has one of the best strategists on her side.
E – Rove switched sides?
M – (laughs) we shall see. I don’t know how it will play out. I know people think it will be Giuliani and Hillary but there’s a long way to go and we don’t know. Who do you think is going to be there.
E – Giuliani and Hillary. Putting Hillary there would get her out of NY. The bad thing is that it puts her on a national stage. I’d rather she just loses and leaves the Senate and is just gone
M – That ain’t gonna happen. She BELIEVES that she’s got something to do there.  And Save the people of the nation.

Mike in LV

Mike – How are you.
Mojo – I’m so full of shit that its oozing out of my ears as we speak.
Mike – why do people get out of what about what Limbaugh says.
Mojo – why do we care what crazy people have to say. We’re taking our eye off the prize. If someone called them fake soldiers just get rid of them. It is a smoke screen. It is easy to push the patriotism and the we were offended button.  Getting out of Iraq isn’t easy. The hard things are hard to solve. They’re fucked up the highest level of fucktivity.

See you next week freaks.


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