Friends you have found Lyin’ Cocksuckers, because that’s what politicians are.

I watched Bush’s speech tonight, and friends, Bush is a lyin’ cocksucker. He was lying about lying. Bush is completely and utterly full of shit. Iraq has nothing to do with the war on terror. Iraq has no links to 9/11, has nothing to do with the safety of America. Al Qaeda has nothing to do with more than 5% of the problem in Iraq. The strategy of building up and then taking troops back is like doubling the price of a car and then having a half off sale.

George Bush doesn’t know how to get out of Iraq. His strategy is to run out the clock until a new president takes over, then blame it on them and say they screwed it up.

Iraq has to solve its own problems. We can’t bring about democracy by holding a gun to its head. Don’t let the details of the surge fool you. We need to ask the big questions, like tell us how it ends.

We may be making progress, but this progress isn’t really helping matters. Iraq didn’t attack us, we aren’t surrendering. Is Iraq helping us defeat al Qaeda?

The surge is working in a sense. More troops will help us make some progress, but it isn’t going to do enough to have us leave a complete success behind.

A Saudi diplomat said getting rid of Hussein solved one problem, but created five more. All of the problems in Iraq are there because we invaded.

Why does Bush keep quoting Osama rather than capturing Osama. We’ve been attacked twice in the last 25 years on US soil. It is manageable and something we could deal with. We are losing our minds in fear. Roosevelt said it best, “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”. I don’t fear Osama and al Qaeda. I think we should capture them and put them on trial.

How do we get Bush out of the war in Iraq? How do we get the democrats to get off their ass and do something.

Scott in MO
Phone problems

Doris in GA
Phone problems again.

Aaron in WI
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The phones have gone haywire. Engineers are running to the studio as we speak. The Z man is manning the studio and trying to get things fixed.

Are we going to wait Bush out or force his hand. Mojo burped and didn’t do it into the mic.

Do the democrats have the testicular fortitude to go after Bush about Iraq. There are about 20 senators and 50 representatives who are up for election. The Senate is about evenly split. To get a bill on the floor, you need 60. The republicans are getting cut down now with Senator wandering leg. 
The republicans in purple states need to have the pressure put on. Should the democrats put pressure on them and force them to do something or should the democrats put up a token fight with Bush and let the democrats take the election in 08 after the republicans screw up.

Anyone with any sense could say we have to stay there because we screwed it up and we need to clean it up. I understand the argument, but whatever government we leave there will always be seen as a puppet government. The Sunni’s and Shiites have been fighting each other for over a thousand years .

Dorothy in GA
First time listener. I think this is an awesome show and I totally agree with you that Bush is a lying cocksucker. All these innocent people are getting killed because of oil.
Mojo – if the surge is really working then we need to send a lot more troops to Iraq. But to do that we’d have protests in the street like 1968.
George – Bush doesn’t care, he doesn’t have to get re-elected. Last election he was talking about how important the war is and they all imply Iraq was involved with 9/11. A lot of bin Laden’s family was in the US at 9/11, all planes were grounded, but one plane got out and it was full of bin Laden’s family.
Mojo – if we were going to invade a country, Saudi Arabia. That’s where all the money came from

Scott – disagree with most of what Mojo’s saying. Iraq was a holdover from the first gulf war that Clinton did nothing to clean up.
Mojo – I don’t like Clinton either.
Scott – when we were attacked in WWII at Pearl Harbor, we didn’t attack Japan, we attacked Europe. Don’t use the argument that we should only attack the exact place we attacked.
Mojo – had we not invaded Iraq the second time, would we be better off?
Scott – no. al Qaeda followed us into Iraq, so we don’t need to fight them here.
Mojo – Iraq had no al Qaeda before we attacked
Scott – that was my point. We shouldn’t invade a sovereign nation like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia we are friends with.
Mojo – Iraq was a sovereign nation.

Scott – No, they were attacking Kuwait.
Mojo – Shouldn’t gas be cheaper if we invaded them for gas.
Scott – you say Sunnis and Shiites will never get along? Didn’t they say that about the north and south in the US?
Mojo – Yes, but the US wasn’t a country carved up by the British (kind of) and we didn’t have a thousand year history of fighting each other

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Keith in IL
Keith – Great show
Mojo – thanks, sorry for the technical problems
Keith – how can we impeach a president for a blow job, but we can’t for murder.
Mojo – we can get all moral about Clinton getting a blowjob, but psychologically by bringing Bush up on the war we are just now getting upset over the war that many of us originally thought was a good idea.
Keith – I was there in 03 when we first went. Thought it was BS then.
Mojo – I truly believe the democrats and republicans are selling us the same shit in a different colored bag.
Keith – we need to impeach them. They had nothing to do with 9/11 but we went in to finish what his daddy didn’t do.

Keith in IN
Keith – I agree with the last guy, but who are we going to put in his place

Mojo – yea Cheney. He still thinks there are weapons there.  These people have chugged the Kool-Aid and they won’t admit that we’re wrong.
Keith – the story keeps changing. Liberating the people, weapons of mass destruction.
Mojo – The Iraqi’s didn’t do the hard work. We did everything for them. We aren’t liberators, we’re occupiers who are getting in the way of their civil war.  When we leave it will be a shit storm and will be our fault. If we send 5 million troops, we could win the battle, but lose the war. If we do that we’re confirming what Osama said.

Aaron in WI
Mojo – Sorry
Aaron – year it was weird.
Mojo  - this happened before. I think it is operatives from the NSA
Aaron – both Bushes have gone in and screwed up Iraq and then someone else is going to take over and they’ll end up with the blame and the Bushes will smell like roses.
Mojo – there is no good story line. We were sold a bill of goods and we have been paying the price ever since.

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Mojo wants to talk about Kathy Griffith. She won an Emmy and had some inappropriate remarks. “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus, nobody had less to do with me winning this war than Jesus. See this trophy, suck it Jesus. This is what I worship now.”

Mojo is going to challenge your imaginary friend. God or whoever, stop the war in Iraq in the next week. I don’t care how you do it, your omnipotent. Smite some people. God if you exist, I challenge you to stop the war in Iraq before next Thursday at 11pm. If you can’t, you’re just some imaginary friend.

Charles in GA.
Charles – you’re the lying cocksucker. It isn’t a war, it is a conflict. We went there because people wanted blood for 9/11 and because they wanted closure from the first time. It didn’t have anything to do with 9/11. We wanted blood right then. We did what congress and the US wanted. Bush went to Congress and they let him do this
Mojo – he lied to Congress
Charles – he got his information from his people. He had bad information.
Mojo – so you’re saying we wanted to go in
Charles – yes
Mojo – Not all. I didn’t want to go in. Regardless what does that have to do with the problems now.
Charles – if we hadn’t invaded them we’d have more problems
Mojo – what was he going to attack with his weapons of mass destruction that he didn’t have. It was a stupid war.
Charles – you’re wrong. He got the weapons back when Regan was in office.

Mojo – yes he gassed Kurds back in 88 or 89, but everything else was a myth.

God, Mohammad, if you exist, stop the war. People’s lives are empty and they need some meaning in their life. End the war next week and I’ll become your follower.


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