Mojo talks to Chris that he isn’t hearing anything.
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Don’t believe the lie. There will be a lot of talk about the President in Iraq. We need to step back and look at the big picture. Why are we there in the first place? I want you to ask a couple common sense questions about Iraq. I don’t want to see these reports.

Can you walk down the street without being mugged or raped. Are the policiticans compromising. Are the militias disbanding. Are the local police in charge of the areas where they are. Is the economy good. D o they have good jobs? Are the people there safer?

You know the answers. NO!! The people there aren’t safer.

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Is it better for us in the long run to go or stay in Iraq. Forget about the surge. Bush is going to stay in Iraq until his term is over. Iraq is a shitting problem. There are no good solutions. There aren’t any good choices. That’s why Bush has this fake debate going on. Bush has no intention of bringing any real troops home. He’s going to stay there as long as he can.

Iraq didn’t invade us. Iraq had no weapons. Iraq has little to do with Islamic Jihadist. Our long term goal is to contain the Islamic terrorists.

I hear Osama is going to release a new videotape on 9/11 to mock us. How are we going to get the moderates in the Arab world to come along with us?

We could wait until Bush is out and elect someone who will make the choice that Iraq is wrong. Or we could force his hand now with a nationwide strike or a demonstration in front of the Whitehouse.

Was invading Iraq our best response? Did we invade the wrong country? Did Iraq have anything to do with 9/11. Did Iraq have weapons of mass destruction. Did they have delivery systems for said weapons. Did Osama have anything to do with Iraq.

Our need to invade Iraq was zero. We’ve been lied into an unwinnable war. These guys in Washington let 9/11 happen. And they fired nobody. We gave them medals and promoted them. We can’t win in Iraq. The best way to deal with Iraq is to get out.

Invading Iraq, creating chaos is counterproductive to our goals. Maybe we let our zeal after 9/11 lead us too far. Iraq needed to get rid of Hussein, if they’d been ready and we just gave them a little push it would be a different situation. If they had to work for it they might appreciate it. Instead they had it handed to them.

Our goal should be to disband and interrupt al Qaeda and capture Osama bin Laden. We need to make the extremists irrelevant.

Craig in Dallas.
Lost Craig

Lauren in Detroit.
Lauren – we need to get out of there and I agree with you 110%. My fiancé is about to go over there and it is just wrong.
Mojo – it is like Vietnam, who’s going to be the last to die. They want to stay 20 years and have a puppet government there. That won’t work in the long run. We’re playing right into Osama’s plans.

Tim in CA
Mojo – it’s a new guy working with Mojo, the C-man and put the name in as Jim
Tim – Iraq has issues. Osama is on the boarder of Pakistan and Afghanistan and the dictator in Pakistan is selling nukes to the highest bidder. What happen with North Korea and we’re threatening Iran.
Mojo – once bitten, twice shy. We need to go after where the money comes from and go after Saudi Arabia.
Tim – and there are pallets of $100 bills missing
Mojo – When Iraq and Iran were fighting we were supporting Saddam and giving him money.

Comedy break
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Plays  “Eve of Destruction”

I believe we only make things worse by staying. We can’t solve the problems all over the world. When Bush ran in 2000 he was against nation building. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Should we stay or go.

Aaron in TX
Aaron – it is pretty straight up. I’ve been over there and am back now. We’re over there as a defensive measure. If we put Americans overseas where they are easily attackable by an insurgency, they aren’t coming back here to attack us. Most people doing the attacks are just farmers and peasants. They’re just attacking because someone is offering them money.
Mojo – That’s the reality of what’s on the ground. But was invading the best response to 9/11.
Aaron – no. They were an easy target. We’d beat them up before and we could do it again.
Mojo – a Saudi diplomat said it. By getting rid of Hussein, we got rid of one person, and created 4 more.

Mike in Vegas
Mike – I’m a big fan from way back.
Mojo  - I’m about 250, how big are you
Mike – about 280
Mojo – so you are bigger than me. You aren’t going to make me look old by saying you saw me at Calamity Jane’s.
Mike – No, saw you in Dallas at the Hard Rock back in ’85. I think you’re the real truth of what’s going on out there. I was against the war from the beginning. And when they said they’d come to us with flowers, I thought that was BS. No war is a cakewalk. It was a manufactured lie from beginning to end.
Mojo – I sang a song before we invaded at the San Diego music awards. “Show me the Weapons”. We made a mistake and we let Osama get away.
In case some of you don’t know, I’m on Outlaw Country and the NASCAR channel. I also had a music career. Had a famous song “Tie My Pecker to My Leg” when I’m dead, that song will still be around.

Buzz in VA
Buzz – The only thing stupider than staying there was going in in the first place.
Mojo – Dick Cheney is an evil fuck with an evil plan. We should have stood up harder and protested more when they took our anger from 9/11 and invaded the wrong country.
Buzz – people need to stand up and tell the government what they want and not let them tell us. People can’t say “I don’t follow politics.” It is their duty to be involved in politics.

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I got to say something abut Senator Suck-a-Cock. Larry Craig. An innocent man doesn’t plead guilty. An innocent man doesn’t intend to resign. A innocent man doesn’t play footsie in the men's room while pretending to take a shit. That man was cruising for cock. He was leading some secret gay life. Kids looked him in the eye and said he wasn’t lying. That just means they can’t tell when their daddy is lying to them.

David in Iowa
Mojo – soldiers with guns are there to kill people. Either we start kicking ass or get out. Right now we’re just targets.
David – I was in Kuwait in 90. And that’s why I got out. We were just targets.

Joseph in MN
Joseph – didn’t get a chance to listen last week. Your show took a turn with a politician who’s a cocksucker.
Mojo – yes, I was just handed a gift of a true Lyin’ Cocksucker.
Joseph – I was over there and I keep getting calls from my old commander. It is basically pointless over there. We’re just targets. I called about a month ago and I called back now to retract my statement. After 5 years Bush finally went over there. I think it was a coverup basically to get a pre-briefing before it goes to Congress.
Mojo – you said you did two tours there. That’s another thing, we’re wearing out our troops.
Joseph – yup I was back 12 days before being redeployed.

Mike in VA
Mike – that senator tapping his foot, what is that.
Mojo – he put his leg in the other guy’s stall, then started rubbing his hand along the bottom of the stall. Then he said in his press conference that he wasn’t gay. Yea, he’s not gay, he’s just a guy who gets his dick sucked at the bus station or airport.

Carl in PA
Carl – you are one funny son of a bitch. You are full of shit about Iraq. We went over there to kick ass and teach the world a lesson. Make our gas prices go down.
Mojo – wait a second, our gas prices have doubled.
Carl – that’s just inflation.
Mojo – I understand that if that was the secret reason, fine, admit it and give us some 75-cent gas
Carl – we’ll never get gas that cheap. Iraq has less oil than Alaska. Open up Alaska
Mojo – if we were trying to send our message, shouldn’t we have sent a message. We are targets there.
Carl – we are the world power, and always will be. We are strong and better than everyone else. Why do you think Italy, Germany and France all want to be against us. Because we rule the world.
Mojo – what makes you think we’re going to have the power forever. Mark is having some problems with his phone or he’s Darth Vader. Going to take a break.

Comedy break

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Mojo – That Carl was a little crazy
James – his heart is in the right place, but he sounds a little like a nut
Mojo – I was waiting for him to bring Jesus up. If Jesus was going to come back, don’t you think he would have done so by now.
James – They just let 300 truck drivers come up from TX. You can’t even cruise down the highway and listen to channel 19 in TX without understanding Spanish. I’m down there trying to work and I feel like I’m in the wrong territory. This happened from Laredo to Austin. I live in OK and the difference between one side of the Red river and the other is amazing.
Mojo – I live in San Diego and maybe it has been this way for years along the southern boarder towns.
James – why is it a political issue now. It should have been dealt with years ago. Mexico has always been a crap place to live.
Mojo – does this have anything to do with Iraq? Do you feel better for getting this off your chest.

Reggie in SI
Reggie had hung up

Steve in WY
Steve – coming up on Rollins
Mojo – I’ve been there.
Steve – sorry.
Mojo – was a girl. Had all her teeth
Steve – Carl I understand your patriotism, but we shouldn’t have veterans panhandling on corners for money, that’s not right. Why do we watch stuff about helping out kids overseas.
Mojo - We have problems here with poor kids, sick and unadopted kids here. Every town has shitty parts. They literally tricked us into confusing Osama and Hussein. Pretty soon you’ll hear talking heads confusing the names.
We’ve run out of time. This is on every week at this time. A little bit wild, a little bit funny and a little bit crazy.

Comedy Break.

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