Aug 16th LCS special Elvis Edition

Opens with “Elvis is Everywhere”

Mojo is at WKNO radio where he’s using their ISDN line. Doesn’t know what it stands for (and Mojo’s over modulating into the mic.)


Mojo’s in Memphis, TN and eating BBQ going to Elvis events.

Tonight's topic: Elvis Presley - Greatest artistst of the 20th century, or fat racist drug addled Vegas schlockmeister...or possibly both.

Yes Michael J. Fox still has no Elvis in him. MJF played a rock-n-roller in two movies. Pretended to created the Chuck Berry lick in “Back to the Future” and was also in Paul Schrader film “Light of Day”.

MJF has no Elvis in him.

Mojo isn’t talking about just music, but all art forms, Jackson Pollack, John Ford, Raymond Chandler, Hunter S Thompson, The Beatles and too many to keep typing.

Mojo was down in Graceland last night. It was hotter than two foxes fucking in a forest fire. Too hot to do drugs. So hot someone actually died down there. Not a lot of lunatics down there. Mojo couldn’t find any nut jobs other than himself. A lot of people in wheelchairs and stuff were being hauled up so they could be in the presence of the king. It was like a religious thing.

When Karl Rove quits, you know things are bad. Maybe he quit because he doesn’t want to be in the white house when he goes to jail. But we’ll talk about that next week.

Chuck D from Public Enemy or as Mojo likes to call them Public Enema that Elvis was flat out racist. Chuck D is wrong, but right. Elvis was a white guy in the south in the 50’s and didn’t march with Dr King, but so was every other entertainer but a few. A few marched with King.

Elvis didn’t commit the crime of stealing the black man’s music. Society did that. There was going to be some breakthrough artists, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson or Otis Redding or someone else. Someone who could combine hillbilly music and blues. The crime was that it couldn’t be a black guy then. The microphone doesn’t know what color you are. Even when you’re listening you can’t tell. That was a big question in the beginning. People thought Chuck Berry was white and Elvis was black.

Elvis wasn’t racist he was the greatest uniter since Kink. He brought the black and white people together. Mojo read about this in a book. 1956 Heartbreak hotel, #1 on country, #1 on pop, #1 on R&B and #1 everywhere.

Elvis wasn’t racist, society was. Elvis changed it all. Before him it was “How much is that doggy in the window?”

Elvis was wild crazy and free. He was the true sound of America and the unlimited possibilities.

Z-Man speaks tonight because they couldn’t hook up the internet.

Hodge from Danville VA
Elvis is timeless. He isn’t a freak who will hang out in front of Graceland, but thinks Elvis is a well rounded singer.
Mojo – Elvis could sing complete and utter crap and give it feeling.

Elvis played at a tobacco warehouse in Danville in 1956

John from WI
John thinks other artists were perhaps better, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis. How do you not like Jerry Lee.
Mojo – I played the drummer JM VanEaton. Don’t know if you know this, but Jerry got in a lot of trouble for marrying his young cousin, but Elvis did almost the same thing. He put a girl in a cabin behind his house at 14 and marries her the day she turned 18. Everyone raised Elvis up on a pedestal while Jerry Lee was hounded for what he did.

John – you could kick Jerry Lee down and he would just get back up and fight you back and show you how good he was. Who John really likes is Bob Seeger. If you can’t rock to Bob Seeger, you’re dead.
Mojo loves Get out of Denver and Katmandu. Both those songs make Mojo crazy.

Quick break
RAWDOG commercial
Elvis was a narc song by Pinkard & Bowen

August in the Attic on Sirius bringing you radio classics

Bob Dylan. People might argue Dylan is better. He wrote his own songs. But there wouldn’t be an electric Dylan if it weren’t for Elvis in 1954.

Elvis is the power and the glory of the true American spirit. Had there been no Elvis, we’d be in a Perry Como, Frank Sinatra whisky world. Not a screw in the back seat of the car world. You can’t just screw in the back seat. You need to screw the judge’s daughter in the back seat. Elvis is the American Bad Boy. Wild Crazy and Free.

Candice in Memphis engineering.
Sam from TX
Thinks there are a ton of better artists. Hitchcock and Mel Brooks
Mojo would think Scorsese. But Elvis transcended it all.
Sam – Elvis was just a singer
Mojo – he was a singer and a performer.
Sam – Sinatra was a better singer
Mojo – Sinatra was a fixture in the adult world. Sam have you ever taken psychedelic mushrooms?
Sam – No
Mojo – maybe if you took some and watched Elvis movie or visited Graceland you’d get Elvis. Mojo isn’t going to advocated drugs. They aren’t for everyone, but they helped him.

Ricky in Dallas
Think Sam doesn’t know what he was talking about and is a complete wanker
Mojo – What part of Dallas are you from? (Ricky has a bit of a Brit accent)
Ricky – I’m from England. Elvis knew how to sing. Previous singers mentioned Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee, they aren’t known by the first name. Chuck who? Jerry, which one? Liked Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, too many to name. Could take a crappy song and make it sound gorgeous.
Mojo – Did Ricky sneak in illegally?
Ricky – no was all legal.
Mojo – how come he didn’t come up to Memphis?
Ricky – runs a shipping company and has stuff more important to do.
Mojo – in case you don’t know, there’s a whole Elvis channel on 13. Mojo asked them if they ever play anything other than just Elvis like “Elvis is Everywhere” or his other song “619239KING”.
No they never play others, not even people covering Elvis

Zach from Tupelo MS
Mojo – been to the house Elvis was born in

Zach – they’ve been sending a ton of busses down from Memphis this week to go by the house
Mojo – flew in to Memphis on Sunday. Sat next to a guy from Tasmania in Australia. Guy took his life savings to go to Memphis and Graceland. Mojo was telling him what to do and since the guy didn’t have a driver’s license he was going to take the bus down to Tupelo.
Zach – loves Todd Snider.
Mojo – Loves Todd Snider who mentions Mojo in his “Vinyl Records” song. Thought you were going to say Hank Williams.
Mojo found something out about Todd Snider. He’s got some regiment of weed. Before the show he can only have two joints. After the show he’s so high he looks down on God.
Zach – there’s another song Todd does that is written from Fred Eaglesmith. Only problem is the song says Elvis is from Jackson MS…maybe it rhymes better.

Another break
Eddie Murphy talking about Elvis

Quicken Loans Ad

Another Radio Classics ad. Sirius 118 is digging into the radio archives in August.

John in Detroit
John – Elvis is the greatest star ever.
Mojo – Jimmy Rogers, Gershwin, Sinatra – they aren’t rock n rollers. Mojo is a rock and roller
John – They wouldn’t show Elvis from the waist down because of his gyrating.
Mojo - Jim Dickenson said Elvis made everyone make a choose. You were either with him or against him. Dickenson saw Elvis do “Hound Dog” in Memphis in ’56. It was like murder or seeing the apocalypse. It was the beginning of a new error.
John – Loved Jail House Rock. Can’t believe that the estate brings in $40 million a year.
Mojo – Cobain topped it last year because Courtney Love sold part of the catalog.

In the Mojo World, Richard Pryor, Hunter S Thompson and Dylan are right there with Elvis.

John from FL
John – Elvis was a poser. No one is the king of rock and roll. No one is the beall end all of rock.
Mojo – Reminds that in ’55, Elvis was #1 in the pop and black charts. Elvis got more poontang than Wilt Chamberlain. There should be a statue of his member down there.
John – Look at Hendrix.
Mojo – at 12 went to the youth Methodist camp and hear Hendrix and Zappa and smoked pot the first time. It exploded his teenage mind. His teachers kept saying it would be on his permanent record.

Elvis could do the greatest and dumbest thing in the same five minutes. Just like America. Died on the toilet.

Jamie from MA
Jamie – loved Elvis, but not the greatest of that era even. Johnny Cash was.
Mojo - Candice his engineer said so. Johnny may not have been able to break trhoguh if not for Elvis. Johnny, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison, all came through at about the same time. Cash is like a freight train.
Jamie – Elvis conquered the genre, he brought rock to everyone. But Cash was better in every aspect. Is it king of popular rock and roll or the real king of rock and roll.
Mojo – Johnny Cash is great. Covered “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Kris Kristofferson a great song.  



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Joe in AL
Joe – No one has said anything about Eric Clapton.
Mojo – Someone just talked about Hendrix. But the difference with Clapton, while he’s a good guitar player, Elvis is a magnetic personality. Even when fat and sloppy he attracted people. Mojo thinks Layla is a 12 on a 1-10 scale.
Joe – no one has created more impersonators than Elvis
Mojo – when he died they wrote a bunch of books about him. Same thing with Jesus and the New Testament. At some point there will be a council that comes together to decide the “true” things of Elvis.
Joe – you search on the internet and surely you can find an Elvis church.

Bill in MD
Mojo – Be nice to the Z-man. He does the NASCAR show too.
Bill – I was real nice. Elvis would have been greater if not for the Colonel. Read the Last Train to Memphis. In order to get some publishing rights for himself he made all songs go through himself.
Mojo – in the old days the manager and the publisher got everything. The artist got screwed. The Colonel wanted Elvis to be safe and bring in money.
Bill – When Elvis finally got some balls is when he did the song “Guitar Man” by Jerry Reed. Jerry wouldn’t give up half the publishing and Elvis said he’d record it anyway.

Mojo – Elvis should have stood up more. Not made the crappy movies.
Bill – he never had any friends. Everyone was paid for.
Mojo – his wife was raised in the backyard by Elvis’ dad like a birddog.
Bill – her dad changed his moral position after the money came in. No one put lechery in their voice like the Killer
Mojo – there was a bunch of cousin marrying in his family

Straight Jacket in IN
SJ – Jerry hooked up with his woman at 15 while Elvis was with a 14 year old. They were all doing the jail house rock then.
Mojo – who’s the idiot on the internet responding to emails and then walking into the dateline house. Are they that addicted to teen porn? How’d you get the name?
SJ – he grew up in a odd house and ended up on the funny farm from 13-15

Elvis is everywhere

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