Mojo has survived his 50th birthday.
Still can’t remember what channel the show is on, wanted to give the NASCAR channel. His cue card must be misplaced.

He’ll give a few examples of lying politicians and a baseball player.

First Hillary Clinton. Asked if she’d continue to take money from lobbyists? Hillary said, “Yes I will” I don’t think based on my 35 years of fighting for what I believe in that anyone seriously believes I will be influenced by a lobbyist or a particular interest group.” Hillary you are a lying cocksucker.

When they giver her a half million dollars, they aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their heart. Do you think we’re stupid?

As soon as someone is elected, whoever gave them a ton of money comes knocking at the door asking them to insert a little something into a bill. That happens all around and eventually all of us regular folks get fucked in the ass.

She’s going to take money from lobbyists; she’s going to be influenced. [ed - She isn’t Mike Bloomberg who finances his own campaign.]

Onto Mitt Romney [ed - the only candidate named after a glove]. Who’s going to elect a guy with a name like that anyway?
Asked about the lack of his five sons serving in the military. “One of the ways my sons are showing support for the nation is helping me get elected because they think I’ll be a great president.” [ed. The Daily Show and Colbert Report had fantastic segments on this too].
See Mitt Romney’s republican friends are all gung ho for the war. They all avoided the war in Vietnam. Mitt Romney is a chicken hawk. He’s a lying hypocrite. He’s all for sending kids to Iraq, just not his.

It isn’t just Mitt. General Petraeus the guy in charge of the surge in Iraq. They lost some guns. How many? How about 200k guns we gave the Iraqi’s have disappeared. Petraeus says this is nothing but a “clerical error.” When Mojo looks down at his dick and sees only two inches, that’s a clerical error.

Did some clerk add five zeros by accident? We see through you General.

Now George Bush, at the end of a press conference he’s defending the surge. He says on is it worth it, “I can not send a mother’s child into combat if I did not believe it was necessary for our short term and long term security to succeed in Iraq.”

“Now I recognize that some don’t view it as an ideological struggle, but I belive it is an ideological struggle and a struggle between the forces of moderation and reasonableness and the forces of murder and intolerance.”
“But again I repeat the threshold question, does it matter to our security at home. The answer is absolutely it does, yes it does. And the second question for a lot of Americans is “Can we succeed?” and not only must we succeed, we can succeed.”

Bush is wrong six ways to Sunday. Is it worth it? The obvious answer is no. They didn’t have any weapons or links to Al Qaeda. We went into the wrong country. It would have been better if we hadn’t invaded.

We aren’t in an ideological struggle. We weren’t at war with them. Was it reasonable to invade a country that had nothing to do with attacking us or weapons. And when we drop those bombs there, we’re murdering people. We’re intolerant and murderers.

Lastly it doesn’t matter to our security here. They weren’t a threat to us before or after 9/11. They didn’t come from Iraq and had nothing to do with Iraq.

If we leave, the Sunni’s and the Shiites, who are strong in Iraq (Al Quaeda are wanna be terrorists in Iraq. Most of Al Quadea isn’t from Iraq. As soon as the Iraqi’s stop trying to kill us, they’re going to start attacking the foreigners who troublemakers there.

Bush has been wrong about the war from the beginning and he’ll continue being wrong about it.

The last example of a lying cocksucker is Barry Bonds. Bonds went on TV and said his home run record isn’t tainted. Did he forget that his best friend and trainer is in jail for refusing to testify about what? About Barry Bonds’ steroid use. His record is totally tainted and he’ll be in jail soon.

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Tonight’s topic is who is to blame for the failures in Iraq.

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Back to the show

We’re going to leave Iraq and someone’s going to be blamed. Is it the media? Who should be blamed.

Mojo blames the guys who got us there. The guys who as a response to 9/11 thought we should attack a country that had nothing to do with it. Mojo blames Condoleeza Rice and George Tenet. They’re the ones who let 9/11 happen. They’re the ones that should have been fired on 9/12.  No Bush doesn’t fire anyone, we invade the wrong country for the wrong reason.

Also why are we in Iraq, and why is it so fucked up. Was it doomed from the start? Is it the CIA, intelligence, the generals, that we didn’t know that the Shiites and Sunnis were mad at each other for 1300 years. We can’t win there because our enemy isn’t there.

Shawn in AZ
Shawn – A first time listener. Thinks Mojo is dead on with Bush but thinks Cheney and the energy council is to blame because they saw the opportunity to go into an oil rich country.
Mojo – if we went in to steal their oil we should be paying 75 cents a gallon. But no prices went up.
Shawn – prices went up and oil companies have been mailing a killing with record profits. Cheney is a millionaire.
Mojo – Cheney runs the Whitehouse and that’s why Scooter Libby was pardoned.
Shawn – Bush is an idiot puppet.
Mojo – A good politician would have fired Rumsfeld and Gonzalez years ago to save his ass. But Bush is on a mission from god. Used to be the booze bottle spoke to him and said come over here for a good time. (not that the bottle or cocaine ever said that to Mojo) Now his invisible friend says he’s doing the right thing.
Shawn – friends who were hard core republicans wouldn’t even vote for Bush.
Mojo – in 2004 no one wanted to admit that Iraq was a mistake.
Shawn – Jeb should be to blame for voting him into office in 04

Mojo confused shows again with Manifold Destiny on the NASCAR channel. Saturday afternoons

Mike in MD
Gives Mojo crap for confusing shows. Thinks he has too many.
Mojo explains he has little pieces of paper with the show name in front of him to remind him which show. He was staring at it and still said the wrong one. Blames the Richard Petty poster.
We were hoodwinked after 9/11. Even Mojo wanted to kick someone’s ass.
Mike – regarding the lobbyists. Thinks the merger between XM and Sirius won’t happen because the politicians are paid off by the Christian right who don’t like people like Mojo and other personalities on the air [ed - assume this is just against Sirius because who’s on XM other than Oprah?]. To them this merger will be the worst thing for American.

Mojo – XM is in DC. He figures they’ve already greased the wheel. They knew the Madame over there. Like in California where Mojo is…Duke Cunningham was plied with Rolls Royce’s’ and party boats. It is supposed to be one man, one vote, but reality is whoever can raise the most money and can scare people into voting for them. When Mojo goes up, they won’t let him in (a guy in jeans shorts sweating)

Tommy in TX
Tommy wants to call out the Iraqi people for being a bunch of pussies. They want us to clean up all their bullshit.
Mojo – had the Iraqi people united against Hussein and forgotten all these tribal differences and just asked for a little help from the US they would be better off.
Tommy – are they such religious zealots that they accept killing innocent people is alright.
Mojo – during the protestant reformation hundreds of thousands of Catholics and Protestants were killed because of who they were and similar things are going on in Iraq. Remember Mohammed is 600 years after Jesus. The Middle east is a little further behind us. But Mojo believes that the average guy in the Middle East wants the same thing we want. They want satellite TV to watch the soccer game and drink some whisky. Maybe a little later, bone his wife while watching some porno.
Tommy – do you see a resemblance between their culture and ours where people don’t stand up for themselves like we used to? We don’t march on Washington like we used to.
Mojo – this goes back to the Mitt Romney thing. If there was a draft his kids would have found a way out. If there was a draft people would be marching on Washington.
Tommy – how many rich kids are in the military?
Mojo – the politicians don’t want to send rich kids to war, they get money from the rich kids’ parents.

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Bob in OH
Bob’s in Urbana by Dayton.
Bob – we as a people are at fault for this. We’ve been letting this go on for too long.
Mojo – You’re right. Early on we’d be accused of being surrender monkey’s.
Bob – Everyone is afraid of the government, that if you stand up, they’ll take everything from you and hold you indefinitely.
Mojo – Bob, you’re singing Mojo’s song.
Bob – the American Revolution was fought for what? Taxation without representation. He has a shop in one town and lives in another. He pays taxes in the one town and doesn’t get to vote there.
Mojo – they get away with all this stuff because they have us hypnotized with American Idol. The US has been attacked by Islamic jihadists twice in the last 20 years. 9/11 and the original attack on the twin towers. America isn’t at its knees. That’s when the Russian’s are at the Mississippi river.

Rich in OH
In Columbus OH
Rich – we should get rid of all the politicians in office. They ones in there are too worried about there jobs.

Bill in MD
Bill – Bush’s strategy to keep them away from here is to give the terrorists a shorter commute. They send us over there and we’re just targets in their civil war.
When they come back they should put the soldiers at our ports and borders.
Mojo – the people who attacked us are over in Afghanistan. We should be attacking bin Laden and not glorifying him.
Bill – we should drop a nuke on the mountains of Afghanistan, but no politician wants to do that

Mitch in CA
Way up in the Canadian woods. Loves Mojo and Jay Thomas
Mitch – Iraq problem goes way back to the British.
Mojo – Like Lawrence of Arabia
Mitch – we just stuck a stick in a hornets nest. We just want to test our tools. We haven’t been fighting in some time.
Mojo – is Mitch’s accent real (Mitch has a heavy Canadian accent). Does he like hockey and beer?
Mitch – Beer yes, but UFC is his sport

Mojo – that’s one way to get the wife out of the house, put on UFC. Boxing without the rules.
Mitch – UFC is man’s nature. Killing things.
Mojo – We’re just monkeys that shave
Mitch – The Brits screwed it up by sticking all those people together after WWI

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Back from the break.

James in GA
James is between Albany and Clifton.
Mojo – that’s down in the woods. He went there when he rode a bike across the US and spent the night.
James – years ago congress signed in something to increase the efficiency of cars. Since then more things have been tacked on. Since then no new refineries have been built.
Mojo – that’s because they put in wording that if you built a new refinery it need to be cleaner and safer than current ones.
James – that’s right. But they’ve worked out a situation where they’ve artificially inflated the costs because of a lack of product.
Mojo – This happens every year when prices go up on Memorial Day. Can’t someone see this coming?
James – There are x number of refineries and each year we put out more cars. Iraq could be under 10 feet of oil and it wouldn’t matter. We’d never be able to refine it. Why are we in Iraq? Because all these guys who were under Dick Nixon’s desk have been licking their wounds waiting and this is the first country they thought they could invade. It goes all the way back. Bush thinks he’s right, and all these guys keep telling him he is.
Mojo – Stay the course. A good politician would see that things aren’t working and change tactics. Not STAY THE COURSE.

Cliff in TX
Honor to be on Mojo’s show.
Cliff – We’re in the wrong country chasing the wrong man. He was in the gulf after desert storm and thinks Bush is just there to clean up after his dad. Look at all the contract work there. Contractors are making a fortune when it should be the soldiers. Someday someone needs to stand up to the government.
Mojo – They can’t take all of our homes. They want to keep us scared so we won’t become united.

Joseph in IL
Joseph was on mute or something.
Joseph is a two time veteran of the recent war. Iraq is one of the biggest bullshit theaters you could go to. Hated hanging around the faggy assed Muslims. Feels Bush went in to clean up after his dad. Doesn’t think it is about oil. We aren’t tapping it hard enough.
Thinks Iraq will become like Korea. He’s been there. Figrues we’ll have troops there babysitting for another 50-60 years.
Mojo – as soon as we leave they’ll all start fighting eachother
Joseph – seen too many people and friends die for this senseless bullshit. Our enemies are there and in Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey etc. They’re coming into Iraq to fight us and challenge the champions. Going after Saddam was Bush’s way of saying “look daddy, see what I can do”

Thanks Zman for producing the show in NY. See ya next week.

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