Mojo was out back kicking Alberto Gonzalez’s ass.
Tonight Mojo isn’t talking about the war or the president. The war will be going on forever so it will always be there. He’s going to talk about Michael Vick.
Vick was indicted today on conspiracy of dog fighting. They had a whole bunch of pit-bulls. They would travel from place to place and bet on the things. The indictment also says that they tested the pit-bulls in their inventory. They killed those not worthy by hanging and slamming at least one into the ground.

Mojo is pro-dog. Mojo isn’t a vegetarian or a member of PETA. Last week there was a dog in the studio with him. Mojo had a dog growing up. He likes dogs and meat. He hates the fake moral outrage. They talk as though he was out killing children. Mojo understands people like dogs. All meat eaters kill animals every day. Dogs are just animals.

Is Michael Vick a monster or are we all monsters?

We say we kill them in a humane manner, this is way past military intelligence. How is it humane? What’s the difference between killing the cow, chicken or pig and killing a dog or a monkey?

The humane society kills hundreds of dogs every day. Does it matter how they are killed? Or what your motive is? Is sport bad, but for food good? Is there a humane way to kill? Once you kill it, there’s no way to come back.

What moral high ground do we have here. If you have a hamburger you are just as guilty of killing as Michael Vick is. We just hire a proxy of a slaughter house.

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Is killing a cow one way more humane than another? If you were starving, would you kill and eat your pet dog? Which animals is it ok to kill?

Patrick in RI
Patrick agrees with Mojo. Has a dog, but we kill things every day when we eat. It’s a big deal because it is Michal Vick.
Mojo – Vick is an amazing QB, but is something of a failure at his job. He hasn’t taken them far since his first couple years.
What about fish and plants and insects?
Pat – they aren’t my equals. It’s just a dog

Scott in AZ
The act was violent. Scott hunts. Scott is regulated and governed. If he walked over and electrocuted it or slammed it into the ground…
Mojo – how is shooting it more humane.
Scott – here we have rules and laws to abide by
Mojo – Understands there is a law broken. But how is it different? Why is it humane.
Scott – Bullet’s aren’t violent
Mojo – what? In the end the animal is dead. Bullet is the most violent.

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Like Johnny Rotten, Michael Vick is a killing psycho.
Humane in terms of animals is contradictory. Animals aren’t humans. How is killing tender or benevolent. There’s no nice way to kill something.

Vick is accused of killing humans for fun in an inhumane way. We kill them for food every day and it isn’t very humane. There is no humane killing. Killing is inhumane.
It’s like the death penalty. Hanging isn’t good, then the guillotine, then the electric chair. None are really that humane.

We’ve hired proxies to do our killing for us. Killing is INHUMANE.

Mark in CT
Mark owns a pit bull. Mark thinks that Vick’s actions are the reason when Mark walks down the street with his dog that moms pull their kids inside. Says you can take the nigger out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the nigger [way to further the integrated image of CT there Mark]

Mojo met a guy down in VA when he was hitchhiking who kept chickens in the car for chickenfights. The guy was on the way back. Guy used to fight pitbulls in rural VA, but it made him sad at the end of the day because there was always dead dogs.

Mark says look at the dictionary for nigger, it doesn’t say anything about black people. It is ignorant ones.

Mojo – people make these dogs mean. They’re strong but they have to be made mean.

Mark – he’s got money and is the public eye. Why does he have t go out and do this for entertainment? Go out and get some hookers. Mark thinks the motive matters. Mojo doesn’t since the end result is the same.

Mark – Why do they have murder classes when humans kill people.
Mojo – But these are animals
Mark – this is because of behavioral issues. This isn’t the Roman days where we throw guys in to be eaten by tigers. We should have evolved some more.
Mojo – Football players are just gladiators who never killed anyone. Football is a metaphor for war.
Mark – Mark was in special ops in Afghanistan. Football players aren’t gladiators. You want to see Gladiators, go down to Ft Bragg.

-end of call-
Mojo doesn’t think Vick is some sort of Moral Piranha. We raise all sorts of animals so we can kill them and eat them. Why does our motive matter? We have tricked ourselves. We have lied to ourselves.

John in TX
In San Antonio. John says we aren’t monsters, just animals ourselves. All living things feed on other things or consume it.
Mojo – A lion will tear up a zebra.
John – Ever see a cat play with a mouse. He’s having a good time before killing him. What Vick did isn’t much different than a cat with a mouse.

Chuck in MI
Chuck doesn’t agree with the fighting of dogs, but to each their own.
Mojo – its been going on since the cave man days. Not much different than two guys racing cars. Just a dick measuring contest.
Chuck – owns a pit bull. They are good animal, but people train them bad. Also Vick is being crucified because he’s a celebrity.
Mojo – if it were Tom Brady it would be all hushed up. If Vick had one, it would be a different situation.
Chuck – if it had been some punk, it wouldn’t have made the paper and it wouldn’t have been a federal offense.

Comedy break
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Know what the humane thing would be? Don’t kill them. The end result is death, there’s no coming back from that.
John in Washington
John – did someone stick a pool cue up Mojo’s ass and affect Mojo’s brain?
Mojo – are we talking about how long it took the animal to die?
John – No, the difference is that this football player makes more money than anyone, takes these dogs and slammed unworthy dogs into the floor. How would Mojo like that. Is Mojo better than the dog
Mojo – yes. The animals are here to serve Mojo.
John – it is ok to kill farm animals, but not ok to kill the dogs etc. If dog is man’s best friend why are you killing them like this.
Mojo – what’s the animal hierarchy? Is it ok to kill a beaver?
John – no. There’s nothing to use it for. If it isn’t edible don’t kill it

Bill in MD
Bill – What about the beagles used in fox hunting. Sometimes they let the dogs tear the fox to pieces while you have rich white people wearing red coats. Some guys go around and steal a dog and use them for sparring partners for dog fights.
Mojo – he knows there are laws. But the moral outrage is out of proportion with the amount of meat we eat every day. Had Vick won three super bowls
Bill – Has been to a cockfight, and they are pretty exciting. But realize your options in life are a little limited as a chicken. There aren’t many options.

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Rodney in NC
North of Ashville on the TN border. He’s way out in the woods. Has a 100k acre backyard.
Rodney used to be a vegetarian, but has come around to eating meat after 14 years as a vegetarian. If the animals get worked up, the meat isn’t that good. You don’t as a farmer feel good taking the life of something you’ve raised up from a little piglet. Rodney thinks it is generally wrong and thinks there are dog fights around him, but doesn’t think the people feel all that good about it.
Mojo – it is all inhumane. Drowning or electrocuting a dog isn’t much different than butting a bolt through a cow’s head.
Rodney – there’s a dietary disconnect in american’s heads. They don’t know where there food comes from. If they had blood on their hands they may feel a little different.

Mojo came up with this while talking in the car to his kid the Cannonball who suggested he use this for his show.

Rodney – it is a matter of respect in how we treat people.

Stan in CA
Stan’s in Palmdale in the desert. That’s where Frank Zappa and Capt Beefhart are from.
Man has fought everything since we’ve been walking erect. It has nothing to do with food. Winning chickens get put on silk pillows. One who wins a cockfight has a much better life than one in a cage. The chickens in cages have a nasty life. Stan thinks as a chicken he’d much rather die in a cockfight than live a normal chicken for slaughter life.

Comedy clip
Commercial for Hot Rod Movie out Aug 3rd

Mojo was talking to the Z-man in NY at Sirius. The Z-man doesn’t like being mean to animals.

Dog’s are better than people. If Vick had been convicted of gerbil fighting people wouldn’t care.

Steve in MA
Steve disagrees. If someone gave him a choice he’d rather die quickly than slow and painfully. Boxers choose to go in the ring. With the animals they don’t have a choice.
Mojo – what’s the difference between slamming the dog down and electrocuting a cow.
Steve – not much

[Show ran over my recording time/started late so that's all for this week]

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