Starts out with Country Joe and the Fish at Woodstock spelling F-U-C-K

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We’re not talking about the war. We need to save a comrade. Who is he talking about? The word FUCK.

It is under attack by nimrods. There is a disturbing trend going on in the US where the word is being denigrated and deleted. There are people who are afraid to say it. They say the F-word and F-Bomb. Mojo is sick of it. If you don’t have the balls to say it, you can’t say F-Bomb.

Some people are trying to fuck with FUCK.  Tired of newscasters on TV. Does the word have magical powers? Can it shock old ladies and destroy children? NOOOOOOOO.

It is a great word. You’ve all heard the comedy bits about the ways you can use it. What bothers Mojo is people using euphemisms for it. How does it hurt anyone to use the word you bible thumpers.

Let Mojo remind you, there are kids getting bombed, and we’re the ones doing it. You know what hurts kids, real bombs. Not having enough money to buy food. That’s what hurts children. Not being able to take care of disease.

When a Catholic priest goes down and sucks a little boy’s dick. That hurts him. That scars him and makes him question his sexuality.

Mojo has a 13 year old son. He asked him if he knows what they mean.

Any kid over 10 is more than familiar with the word “Fuck”. If it is the F-bomb or the F-word and it is so powerful you are using a code for it that everyone knows, isn’t it the same as just saying it.

You know why they use it, because you tell them they can’t.

Dave in Canada, Calgary Alberta
The French invented the word Fuck. The way we use it here is the way it was invented. In Canada people don’t have a problem saying it.

Mojo – who does it hurt by saying it. Is it any different than using the code for it? People will say you don’t have a big vocabulary if you use it all the time. But Mojo Nixon has a giagantic vocabulary but there are times it is just appropriate.

Dave – when you’re hammering a nail in and you miss and hit your finger…what are you going to say? In the Army, it is only used sparingly (with just a hint of sarcasm).

Tim in CA
Agrees with Mojo. And brings up the acronym For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.

Mojo – there is also Fubar. The word comes from the 1500’s. The worst you could do then was damn someone to hell or call them a son of a bitch.

Tim – in the Victorian era, you couldn’t say anything about sex.

How can we save the word Fuck?

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Brad from NY
Fuck is a very versatile word.

Mojo thanks him for calling Manifold Destiny (can’t remember what show he’s on).
You know what hurts kids? Bad parents, bad schools and bad teachers.

Jason from TX likes in Outlaw Country show and turned his dad onto Mojo
Almost calls this show Manifold Destiny again.

From Springfield MO
Named his dog after Mojo. Been listening to Mojo since 87. Wants to know if he can bring up the war. Guys who go and are firemen in the military lose their certifications when they are away (or they aren’t able to use their military equivalents.

Brian in SC
From Greenville.

Mojo- it’s bad and nasty because it decribes sex and intercourse. At somepoint we got tricked into thiking that we should be ashamed of sex and our naked body. This is where the word gets all of its power. Somehow the act of creating life is wrong.

Brian thinks Mojo should call George Carlin.
In the mid-East and you hold up the peace sign it is the same as us for the middle finger.

Mojo – it started with 2 fingers with the British.
Mojo is tired of radio, public officials and TV. If they’re going to use a code word for it, how is it any different than just saying it. The F-Bomb isn’t a bomb. But in the end it doesn’t hurt anyone any. These are made up ideas. They are prudes who are afraid that someone else is having fun.
Mojo wasn’t put on this earth to be a prude. He’s going to have fun and do whatever he wants to do.

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AJ from Attleboro MA
AJ’s happy Mojo’s back on.

Mojo can’t talk about the war every week. His head will explode. Bush will drag this on. It isn’t Hillary Clinton’s fault.

AJ – the democrats don’t relate to the common guy.

Mojo - Hillary isn’t a southerner, Kerry? Gore? Worse.

Bill wants to bring up the N-word

Mojo- that gives the word more power

Bill – Tomorrow Mojo should play the David Allen Coe song “Nigger Fucker” on OC tomorrow.

Mojo – in 1978 it was almost done and not used anymore, then someone came back and started saying they were offended by it.

Rick from somewhere in OR in a truck on the side of the road
Rick’s on his way to Arkensaw.

Mojo  - can newscasters go on TV and say the F-Word.
Rick – favorite movie is the Big Lebowski. When it is on basic cable, it takes Fuck out. It takes away from the movie.

Mojo – it’s like Goodfellas. Take out Fuck and violence and there is no movie.
What children need is better healthcare, love from their parents and better school books.

Kevin in Dallas
Kevin’s been trying to call Mojo at the KING number from Mojo’s song.

Mojo gave up that number when he left San Diego years ago. Now some company gets calls from drunk guys in the middle of the night.
Between Bill Hicks and Howard Stern it is in the public domain. Janet Jackson pulls out her old wrinkly tittie with a ring on it. And the world went crazy. Mojo was working regular radio then. There were two things you couldn’t say then. Shit and Fuck.

Kevin thinks late at night even on public TV they should be able to say whatever they want.

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Rick in VA

Solomon in IN
Wants to comment on the N-word

Mojo understands there was racism and slavery, but he wasn’t a part of it. You give it a special power people will use it to hurt people.

Solomon also wants Mojo to play the Coe song also.

New caller
The US Spanish stations swear all the time on the air, but no one is checking them like they do with English stations.

Mojo – there’s always a good looking woman on a Spanish channel. There’s a whole army of old ladies and widows who write in to the FCC. How do you protect kids from fucking. It takes fucking to make kids.


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