July 12th 2007
Talking about the President (Bush) on TV today.

Bush is nothing but a liar. A Lyin’ Cocksucker.

Tonight’s show we’ll talk about Iraq call in at 866-4-RAWDOG.

Call in, maybe you think Mojo is wrong about the war. Today Mojo had a revelation…We invaded the wrong country. Once you accept that we invaded the wrong country, then it all makes sense.

Conservatives think that if we try a little harder and stick to it that we will win. We just need to “man up”.  That is if we invaded the right country.

Iraq isn’t our enemy. They didn’t attack us on 9/11. Saddam had no links and no weapons of mass destruction. There’s a whole civil war going on there that we don’t understand. It’s as if we’re mad at Mexico and we invade Peru.

The president and his minions lied us into this war. Iraq was an insanely stupid idea that was executed poorly.  Guess what, we’re going to leave eventually in disgrace, so we might as leave tomorrow rather than a year from now.

Mojo’s not anti-war. He’s anti-war in Iraq. It’s against our goals, it’s stupid beyond belief. We’re going to have to admit that we invaded the wrong place and that those soldiers died for the wrong reasons.
Bush was wrong to invade and wrong to lie us into it and Bush won’t admit he lied us into it.
The only way we’ll get out is if we cut off Bush’s funding.
Look we’ve already lost there.
Bush is an idiot child lost in a funhouse.
Osama is thriving in the hills of Pakistan. He’s the guy behind 9/11.

Jeremy in KY.
Jeremy agrees with Mojo. But wants to know what we do now then.
Mojo thinks we need to get out and then hope that the other arab countries can keep Iraq from becoming a shit-storm. Then we go after Osama. They should all be captured, killed or compromised. We did it in WW II and we should do it now. We captured Germans in London. We should be infiltrating Osama’s organization .
We should be hunting them down and capturing them. We should be marginalizing them in the moderate arab countries.

Zach in TX
Zach has phone issues. Zach thinks Iraq was just Bush’s way of settling up some oil thing. Which makes sense except gas now costs $3/gallon. They’ve been fighting since Jesus’ been around.
If we just helped them overthrow Saddam, that’s one thing. But we did it all for them, and now we’re paying them. They haven’t settled their internal differences. We went in and installed a puppet government at gunpoint. Want to solve the Mid-East problem stop importing oil.
(may have missed something due to connection out)

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Mike in Redwood City
Mike had been at Hootenanny where Mojo played last weekend. Mojo’s favorite moment was getting everyone to chant “Live Earth can suck my dick”.
We pay almost $12 billion/month to be in Iraq. Almost 1000 contractors are killed every month and they aren’t included in our soldier numbers.

CW in TN
CW’s in the Nashville area. CW thinks Mojo is a breath of fresh air. Mojo wants to be like Bill Hicks with a weekly show. He knows he isn’t as funny.
CW wants to know what Mojo thinks of Michael Moore making Wolf Blitzer his bitch.
Mojo wrote a song about 6 months before the war called “show me the weapons”. He’s never been for this one.

You can email Mojo at mojo@sirius-radio.com or call at 866-4 RAWDOG

Tim in Allentown
If we pull back funding, won’t that hurt the soldiers?
Mojo answers that no, they still will get funding now, but it means they won’t be able to stay in Iraq. Bush will capitulate when he sees that they’re about to override his veto. Bush thinks he’s on a mission from god to save us from the Islamic terrorists. Rather than using good sense, he’s getting whispered into his ear by the big fellow.

Russ from near Dallas on his way up to Tulsa.
Mojo used to know all the roads back when he was a touring musician.
Russ - Cheney and Wolfowitz and Libby caused all these problems. What Americans don’t understand is that we need to keep the politicians out o this crap and let the military deal with it themselves. Russ had been in the military. We have the best politicians that money can buy and the veterans and the guys over there serving are paying for it.


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Less in TN – first time listener
With all these liberals, everyone should just shut up and let the troops do what they do best and this would be all over with. Do people remember Desert Storm
Mojo – that was 10 years ago. Why are we in Iraq? Because they had weapons of mass destruction? 9/11? Why are we involved in a civil war there?
Less doesn’t agree there’s a civil war. Or that we’re occupying there. We’re there because Hussein was an insane son of a bitch who killed hundreds of thousands of his own people
Mojo- that was in 1986
Less – do you think he just gave them away?
Mojo – we need to admit we’ve done wrong
Less – agrees things are mismanaged, but not that we did the wrong thing.
Mojo- I was upset after 9/11 too. But Bush tricked us into attacking the wrong country. We can agree to disagree.

Joe in Nebraska
Joe – The UN passed 16 resolutions over Iraq over the past years that no one had the backbone to support.
Mojo- we had inspectors there and they couldn’t find anything.  Show me the weapons. Hussein was a paper tiger, he lost to Iran and the first Gulf War. He was only a threat to his own people.
Joe – why did Clinton go back in there.
Mojo- Clinton isn’t being talked about tonight. We thought he had weapons. Saddam and/or Bush tricked us into thinking they had weapons. We out to be damn sure that they had these weapons before attacking them. Instead we had Rumsfeld and Cheney lying their ass off. We invaded the wrong place for the wrong reasons. We can either stay for 20 years or we get out. If we send a lot more troops and more money, it is still a loss. We’re trying to create democracy from the barrel of a gun. The Iraqi people need to solve their own problems.


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Hate your job, listen to RawDog
Guy on hold is complaining that he thought this was a comedy channel. Mojo’s trying to combine comedy with other stuff.

Tim in FL
Agrees with Mojo and is in the military. Went over there in Desert Storm.
Mojo thinks back then the leaders were smart in thinking that if they got rid of Saddam they were opening up a Pandora’s box of problems. That said we need soldiers to believe in what they are doing if we expect any success. When they get back home they can start to think differently.
Tim wants the show on earlier. Mojo is out west so it isn’t so late. Mojo thinks after it gets ramped up again it may get earlier and maybe longer and maybe a replay too.

Frank at 29 Palms
First time listener. In the Marines. Frank believes we were over there to finish off what Bush Sr started. But people over there love us, they love the fact that women can go to school. People don’t hear about that.
Mojo asks about the car bombs
Frank – that exists, but there are good things happening there too. They just don’t get reported. That’s why Frank doesn’t like the media. He’s been to three cities there that they turned over to Iraq. But you won’t see that on CNN. When they went into those cities you couldn’t walk the streets during the day, when they left it was safe. It irritates Frank that you only hear about the bad stuff.
Mojo- going to let Frank talk
Frank – There is much more good than you will see bad going on over there.
Mojo- doesn’t agree with the President
Frank – hasn’t seen eye to eye with any president.
Mojo- that’s because they’re Lyin’ Cocksuckers
One more call

Rob in OK
Mojo apologizes for keeping him on for so long
Rob’s ok with that, it is like truck drivers who get started with a story and never end.
Rob agrees that we invaded the wrong country. We should have invaded Mexico.
Those people can’t even stay home, they all come up here. We need to go down and get rid of the crooked politicians down there. Kinky Friedman thought of the 5 Mexican general plan. Divide up the area. Give each general $5 million. And take away 50k for each Mexican that comes over. You do that and you won’t see any allowed over the border.

That’s it for the week
Thanks Z man and Joe Pits in NYC for running the show.

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