July 5th LCS
You may have heard. Scooter Libby did the crime, but he didn’t do the time.

Paris Hilton will have done more time. She was driving around on a suspended license. Scooter got us into a war. Call in at 866-4 RawDog.

Scooter ain’t going to jail. Boy those Republicans are tough on crime, unless it is one of them. If you’re poor, white and unconnected, say hi to your new cellmate, Ramrod.

Ramrod likes little white guys. Likes to make them squeal like a pig. If Libby went to jail, after three days he’d be singing like a bird about Cheney.

The head Lyin’ Cocksucker is George Bush. The President is a hypocrite. Almost as big as the people putting on the Live Earth Concert. How much electricity are they using to put on the concert.

What the President has done is not only not legal, but it isn’t right. It is a conflict of interest. First he’d the President who lied us into this war. Who tells Bush what to do, Cheney. Bush has gone and commuted the sentence of a co-worker who wouldn’t talk about his boss. You know who’s getting screwed? We the people of America.

Bush though the sentence was excessive. Why not just make the sentence shorter then? Cut it to 15 months instead of 30. Bush said no one was convicted of violating the espionage act. Know why? Because Libby withheld evidence.

This whole thing is a giant lie fest that goes back to the war in Iraq. Scooter Libby lied so Cheney, Rove and Bush wouldn’t be in prison right now.

What about Clinton? Clinton isn’t President now. Clinton pardoned people who gave him a lot of money. Give him a big enough check and Clinton would pardon them. What happened then is past. Bush pardoned Libby to protect his own ass. They all should have recused themselves of this issue. Bush has the right to commute the sentence, but he should have recused himself.

Why did they attack Joseph Wilson? Maybe if there was a direct link, slam-dunk evidence it wouldn’t make any difference at all. They had to attack Wilson because they knew there were no weapons of mass destruction. They lied us into an unnecessary war. They got us into the war for no reason at all. It all has to do with Iraq. Libby lied to protect his superiors. They outed Plame because she was going to say the truth.

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No Amnesty for the Mexican field hands? But Libby can get it? Must be because he’s a rich white guy who’s connected. Mojo will go to calls in a few minutes.

Remember Freedom Fries? Now Bush has to pardon a convicted lying felon. He has to do this to keep is 25% approval and keep them hanging on.

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David from Missouri – He’s tired of democrats and republicans. Has a buddy doing more than 4 years for a kilo of marijuana and is on the same cell block as a guy who killed two people.

Cops pick up people for speeding a loud pipes because it is a revenue stream.  

David is originally from Missippi and has had his fill of good-ole boy politicts.

Mojo thinks there isn’t much difference between Democrats and Republicans. They are all bought off by the highest bidder.

Moves to taxes. The average guy pays 20 something percent taxes, but move over a couple hundred thousand bucks and you drop down to like 10%. Mojo thinks there should be a flat 8% tax. David thinks we should do away with federal taxes altogether, but rather add a dollar onto everything we buy, even drugs.

Mike from Redwood City CA – very low volume, or he has his radio on and can’t hear anything. Is Mojo on a delay? Is SIRIUS afraid of what Mojo might say. Back when the show was taken off before, Mojo thought it was because of something he might say about Tony Snow. [hey mojo, I think there is a bit of a delay on all stations between the signals going over the land lines up to a Sattleite and being decoded with some error correction causes a little delay]

Thomas from Richmond VA – also had radio up. Tom’s from Salisbury NC before. Used to work at a radio station in Salisbury. Bush is from CT damnit [hey that’s where I work] Mojo questions the CT thing. Thinks he may be from Maine. Tom bought Mojo a beer years ago. Mojo sized up his future wife (Courtney) and apologized in advance for what he was about to say. Tom thought Mojo sounded good.

Mojo is playing this weekend (past) in Irvine CA at the Hootenany.

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Mojo quotes Keith Oberman. Accusing Bush of giving too much power to Cheney who then dispensed it to Libby. Eventually guarantying that Libby would never see prison.

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Rick from Montana. Again has the radio going. Not like the old LCS show where the board op told people to kill the radio and you had the phone on a slightly ahead feed.

Rick thinks we’re in for more Republican crap. The US won’t elect a black guy or a woman unless they’re running against another black man or a woman.

Mojo thinks Obama has a higher probability of being elected. He’s only half black and is easier to elect than a woman. Smartest thing Hillary did was marry Bill. You can’t have Bill in office again with Hillary. The first first husband needs to be an athlete or an architect.

Choosing between Democrats and Republicans, to paraphrase Mojo is like choosing to drink piss or eat shit.

The president can win with only about 20% of the people over 18 voting for them. Mojo didn’t like Al Gore or Kerry. Gore is the son of a Harvard guy. Kerry’s middle name is Forbes. Bush is a regular screw-up like the rest of us Americans.

If the Democrats ran Hitler Jr, he would beat Jesus Jr if he ran Republican this next election. Bush screwed up too much. Kept Rumsfeld in office too long. Screwed up the running of the war. The thing about Clinton was that he lied to your face and scared you. Whereas Bush believes in the BS that he’s saying. This is something David Geffen said [Mojo couldn’t remember the name of the guy who’s head he requested]. Geffen said Bush is a spoiled rich kid who only does what Cheney tells him to do. He should have fired Gonzales a while ago.

Even if there was a really good Republican candidate, he won’t win because Bush peed in the water too much. Rick thinks we have another 4 years of the same crap. Rick first voted for Frank Zappa in 76.

Chad from Wichita KS. Chad wants to empty prisons, cut dependence on foreign oil. Legalize hemp. Mojo agrees it should be done. Chad says anything flammable can be used as a fuel. Hemp can be used for clothing, drugs and fuel.

Mojo- we need to say to Saudia Arabia that they can kiss our ass. Chad goes back to hemp. It’s renewable and you can run a diesel truck on it. Chad’s name is really Jack Kennedy.

Mojo has a drug problem…supply and quantity. Neither are reliable. You get USDA approved drugs and you don’t have to worry about that stuff.

Mojo takes another break

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Howard 100 and 101 commercial for Roast Week.

Back to Libby
People are hesitant to impeach George Bush. Why? Cause we were angry after 9/11. We let people with an evil plan trick us into attacking Iraq. We were lied into an unnecessary war. Mojo Nixon thinks the soldiers in Iraq died for no reason.

Is Iraq better off now than it was before. Was it better under Hussein than it is now?

Mike. Mike isn’t there. Mojo questions if the phone is working

Keith from NC a fellow Tar Heel from Fayetteville. Mojo plugs a hotdog stand and sugar’s BBQ in Danville. Keith is a pissed off democrat. No one mentions who the next president may be. Keith wants to talk about the 5th Beatle from NC. John Edwards. Mojo likes Edwards. Edwards dad worked in a cotton mill, Mojo’s dad did. Good looking like Mojo. Mojo’s problem with Edwards is that he’s a lawyer.

Lawyers lie about lying.

Rick from Bristol TN. On hold the listeners get the NASCAR channel not the Mojo show (cough, uh can’t someone fix this). Rick voted for Bush, but thinks Bush lied to us and thinks Clinton should come back. Thinks Fred Thompson may take the ring. Rick loves listening to Mojo on Saturdays and Sundays.

Mojo thanks everyone for calling. Promises not to talk so much. See ya next week freaks.

Comedy Clip/Segment, sounds like Greg Fitzimmons.

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