Jan 26th show.

Mojo's back Mr. President Bush.

Last week he took Bush and Iraq off, but this week he's back.

Tuesday State of the Union, what a bunch of hoo-ha and BS. The speech was given when his approval was as low as a snakes belly in a ditch.

Where's Dennis Hastert? Nancy Pelosi was sitting there in his seat.

George Bush is a disgrace to the number 43. Why couldn't Clinton be number 43, the great fornicator. Richard Petty was number 43 and a much better driver than Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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The state of the union is a lot of pomp and circumstance. It is a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing.

He shouldn't be called Mr. President. His name is George, George Jr. His daddy was a president, his granddad was a senator from CT. Back in the early colonial days they called Washington "His Excellency" and that went back the European thing. But we're in America.

George is a rich kid who never had to work. A C student. "Mr. President" his ass.
He's a regular person. The honor and dignity is brought to the office by the man, not the office.

Almost 3/4 of the US population think he's taking us down the wrong path. He's from CT, not a cowboy, he's pretending. Mojo changed his name to make people think he was an old black blind musician from the south. But it is just pretending.

We need someone who's sat down at a table and looked at a stack of bills and had to wonder how the hell they'd pay them. We need someone who's come up from nothing.

Did you see Dick Cheney? He looks like a man who has to fart all the time. Maybe he's got a turtle coming out and is afraid to let it go. Maybe he has a bullet in his spine. Cheney was nice to Nancy Pelosi, made a little speech about her that was nice.

Then he had the audacity to suggest that we should get around to balancing the budget. Is Bush forgetting that he's been president for the last 6 years? That he's had control of both houses of congress? He could have balance the budget and gotten rid of evil earmarks.

Same thing with social security and Medicare. Why is it that when Democrats are in charge he all of a sudden wants to balance the budget.

"Idiot reading words he doesn't understand" that's what Mojo wrote down as a note to himself while watching the speech.

Healthcare is way too expensive and overrated. The only reason we have to have it (because most of the time people aren't sick.) Mojo doesn't go to the doctor unless the bone is sticking out. 90% of what's ailing you goes away after three weeks. Buck up and stop your whining and deal with it. The only reason you have to have insurance is because the prices are way out of control.

Mojo is going to have a father-son paint ball outing for his 13 year-old son's birthday. If he breaks his arm while skate boarding, it costs $5k. This isn't the real costs. Doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical, government etc. all getting their hands in there. If you were in the middle of nowhere and went to your doc, they could take care of the whole thing for probably $500. We, the consumers, are the ones being screwed. We have to pay $90/month when we don't use it 90% of the time. All these places are inflating the costs to try and get a little more cash. The system we have is ludicrous and based on greed.

Doctors should be in the business of healing people. Instead they're in the business of making money.

They're advertising medication you don't need on TV. They've created a product, but now they need to create a demand. Oh, you don't pay it, your insurance does, but they raise the rates. We need to go back to the country doctor who set his own rates. If we had less people in getting a piece of the pie, prices would be over.

We need doctors who want to treat people well, not ones looking to get rich.

Just like teachers, they should be in the business of teaching kids, not getting rich.

We need civil lawsuit reform. Frivolous lawsuits need to go away tomorrow. Only people with a substantiated claim should be allowed to file a suit. The doctors charge extra because someone might sue and they need to cover themselves.

We live under a tyranny of lawyers. We need less lawyers, laws and civil lawsuits. There has to be a way to end all these lawsuits. You can't do more than one, can only do three in a lifetime. There should be a screening system or punishment for filing false ones. They should take a nut out if you lose one of these suits you bring, lose two, you lose both nuts.

One way of dealing with this is an 8% flat tax, no deductions, just a tax on income, get rid of lawyers and accountants
Two, cut back, don't spend so much if the government can't afford to spend so much on less money.
Three, and mojo agrees. They need to work on immigration reform. Mojo thinks the president said some intelligent things. That we need to resolve the status of immigrants already in the country amicably.

We need to secure the border and figure a way to let people work here legally. If you can't get a job without the proper paperwork, you won't come. This will hurt the sleazy businessman who wants to pay people less.

As soon as we put businessmen in jail for hiring illegal workers, we'll start getting some control over these workers.

We need to deal with the people already living here without the proper paperwork. We need to find a way to make these people (and most are hard working) part of the system. Make them take tests, read and speak English. Make sure they aren't criminals.

The next the Bush talked about was Energy. Again Mojo agrees. We need to cut our oil imports 20% (Bush) or 50% (Mojo) to make it so the Venezuelans and Saudis can't hold it over our heads

It's odd that Bush, who came from Big oil is saying this. Big oil is so far up Cheney's butt that he can taste their fingernails.

Now Bush wants to increase the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Who's going to get the money for this? Big oil, Halliburton and Bush and Cheney's friends.

Why don't we save oil and take less trips, carpool, only go to grocery store once a week.

We don't want anyone to puppet master us. If we get rid of Saudi, we still have Venezuela and Canada. We get rid of them all, we get a lot more options when dealing with conflicts in the world.

We also need to make Israel make nice with the Palestinians. they should have 10 years to make the Palestinians happy. At that time no Palestinian should be able to say Israel is causing problems. We hold their puppet strings. Hell if they won't do it, cut off their aid now.

Ranting against American Idol isn't nearly as much fun as ranting against George Bush Jr.

Global climate change - Mojo isn't signed off on the global warming thing. He knows you think he's a left wing nut job, but he has three questions.
Is it happening
Is it our fault
Can we do anything about it.

Weather patterns change over 5-10-500 years. The ice age was when 10,000 years ago. Weather patterns change over time, We only keep track over the last 100 years or so. Maybe we're just in a hotspot right now. And even so, is it our fault.

The oceans regulate the temperature on the earth. The Pacific is HUGE. It took Magellan 3 years to get around. How much pollution are the humans putting out, and how much can that effect the oceans. Mojo will believe the scientists, but not the politicians.

Mojo really doesn't like Gore.

Gore is a rich privileged prick. He had everything handed to him. He went against GB JR, the idiot son of a failed president. Also Kerry. Rather than Harvard, he went to Yale and Andover. He went against bush jr who invaded the wrong country and he couldn't win.

We are being screwed by the rich and the superrich. The average working American are being screwed by these power elites.

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Near the end of the state of the union Bush got back to Iraq and the war on terror. We've been attacked twice in the last 25 years. Twice in 25 years on US soil.

"We need to find these people, isolate and destroy them. " - Bush

Before we invaded Iraq, where there any Islamic jihadists in Iraq No no no no no no no
Bush is fear-mongering. He's preaching hate and fear. That's all he has left.

When we send an air-strike into Somalia what do you think we do? Are any innocent people killed. If you're dead and had no reason to be killed, you're innocent. If you're walking down the street in Somalia and boom, your ass is killed, you're an innocent killed.

So what are we doing there? Slaughtering the innocents.

The Bush brings Iran into the mix.

As Mojo has said before. America at its knees is the Russians at the Mississippi. These terrorists aren't like that. They're a tiny group. A group within a group.

Bush is like an 8 year-old. There's only right and wrong. Bush doesn't see grays. Adults talk to their enemies. You find a common ground so long as it isn't killing you. Mojo thinks we'll win the war on terror by using pussy and booze. Get them a DVD and some TVs and drugs. That combination has been kicking butt for all time.

The religious nut jobs have been around for all time. Most Arabs want the same things we want. Play station 3's, or 2's for the Arabs because they'll be a bit behind. They don't want to live in caves.

Maybe Bush should stop quoting bin Laden and actually find him. We don't need positive thinking. The Iraqis want us to leave, just get the hell out. Who lied us into the trumped up war? What idiot is lost in the wilderness of his own making?

Mojo made up some questions
Why are Americans dying in Iraq, what's our goal, can it be obtained. How do we fix it and fix the damage or minimize it. Should we hve invaded at all. How does Iraq fit into the war on terrorism . What happens if we leave? Stay? These aren't "we can't afford to lose" sayings.

Talks of Liz Cheney. How she says we can't fix their jihad. But we have been attacked twice. There are only a couple thousand jihadists in the world. We need to isolate them in their own countries. How, stop buying oil from them and get Israel to settle with the Palestinians.

Isolate the jihadists who want to bomb the world back to the 6th century. Mohammed is no better than Jesus, an imaginary character who isn't coming back.

Iraq was a bad idea from the beginning. What Mojo wants has nothing to do with it.
What will win the war, more troops, better strategy, bigger bombs getting the people on our side.

In a close fight, positive thinking will help. But in something that isn't very close it is who has the most weapons. We can't win in Iraq, they aren't our enemy. If Hussein was our enemy, then we need to get out. It's done, we won then.

Iraq won't have a stable government unless we leave. The only people who can fix Iraq are the Iraqis. We leave and we won't be around to blame. They'll have to fix it themselves.

-song - Get Out of Denver - Bob Seger

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Mojo talks about the military's new ray gun that makes people feel like they're on fire.
Mojo wants his, also his own sex slave. What took so long? This stuff has been in science fiction books for years.

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