The election is over and the votes are in. The country has spoken and given the finger to George Bush and his lyin' stinking war in Iraq.
Mojo once again said in the fall of 2002 at the San Diego Music Awards he got up and did a wildly inappropriate song, that went "show me the fucking weapons" there's a replay on the local cable channel. But they leave out the vulgar parts of the song. But people were still feeling the effects of 9/11. Now the Republicans are caught. The Democrats will control both the House and Senate.
George Allen in VA looked at the numbers and figured there wasn't a way to win. So he conceded after last election's crunching didn't work out.
Donald Rumsfeld got fired for doing a crappy job he came in with two goals:
1 Transform the military
2. Transform the Mid-east Iraq would be a stable flower of democracy to spread the American ideals of moderation in the mid-east.
Will Donny go back to work for someone like Halliburton or live in a cave.
Mojo thinks Donald is a bit arrogant, who didn't come t the table with a realistic goal of dealing with terrorism. Thinks he should have been fired years ago. Last week bust said he'd keep Cheney and Rumsfeld till the end. Then Cheney said they'd continue doing the same thing in Iraq
If he was going to fire Rumsfeld the day after the election, why not fire him back in August. Did he have dirty pictures of George Bush, or did he torture George Bush to keep him from firing him?
Months ago people were against the war in Iraq, and somehow they sold a country on the idea of invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. The first response was to go after Afghanistan, then when that didn't work out to find bin Laden they went after Iraq claiming that Hussein and bin Laden were the same.
Remember after the Republicans came in before 9/11, how they were going to be the adults. Look at Whitewater and Lewinsky vs 9/11 and Iraq. Which is worse?
Hussein was a evil tyrant who tortured his people. It wasn't the Iraqis who deposed him, we did. If the Iraqis had deposed him themselves they'd have to deal with the aftermath themselves. They'd have to put aside their differences to deal with a dictator who'd been screwing them for about 30 years.
The reason Republicans lost is because people are tired of the lies that led to and are happening in Iraq. And since it has nothing to do with 9/11.....
Mojo watched McCain talking about the Gates replacement of Rumsfeld and how or what they're going to do with Iraq. They won't call it leaving, but they'll call whatever we do to get out something.
Why'd we invade Iraq and cause chaos
The war has been mishandled, was a stupid idea.
Fools came up with this plan.
Our best option after not finding Bin Laden is to invade someplace that had nothing to do with 9/11?
You don't tell people you're going to invade a country for one particular reason and then kill an american soldier. you want to make sure your intelligence is good, eyes on the ground that can see this stuff if you're going to invade a sovereign country because they might have WMDs and may have been involved with 9/11. As soon as one american soldier dies, you better be sure that you're right that he had WMDs, bio weapons and was a threat to the US.
If he did have this stuff, he would have used them in the first war.
Back to McCain. He's glad to get rid of Rumsfeld, but now we need to win the war in Iraq, send more troops and guns and win the thing. Mojo thinks McCain is an idiot and that it can't be done. We invaded the wrong place.

Things that should have been thought of before going into Iraq.
1.What would happen after you get rid of hussein
2 if you don't want to look bad, don't invade the wrong country.
90% of the people there are not Islamist jihadist. The people there just want us to leave so we can start killing each other. The people there have been made at each other since about the year 800, or 800 years (Mojo's math becomes fuzzy). Then there was WWI which split up the Kurds too. We need to get the countries around Iraq to send in some sort of Arab or Muslim peace force and let them work it out. Mojo doesn't care if they work it out. Mojo's goal is to have less terrorism. And by invading a sovereign country with nothing to do with 9/11 has just created more terrorists.
While some terrorists have moved to Iraq to fight us, they will leave as soon as we leave because they're foreign too.
The planners who thought we'd be treated as liberators were a bit wrong. Now we can't leave because we've created such a big mess. If we leave now they say it will just be aa safe haven for terrorists. Why didn't they think of that before we went in. Mojo doesn't think it will be a haven after we leave anyway. Because the Iraqis don't want them there any more than they want us there. Iraq didn't have a bunch of terrorists.

If this happened in Montana and there was some evil guy there and people from Florida came up to get him out, as soon as he was caught, the people in Montana would want the Florida people to get the hell out.
In a perfect world where there are no consequences getting rid of Saddam is a good idea, but there are consequences. Maybe we shouldn't execute him and leave him there to get things back under control.
Firing Rumsfeld is just the beginning. We need to stop the BS that we're stopping terrorism and that Iraq is the front line. We need to stop confusing those associated with bin Laden with the insurgents in Iraq. Hussein and bin Laden are different. Stop talking about bin Laden and capture him. Our enemies were not and are not in Iraq. We are imperialistic occupiers.
What's the goal after 9/11? Have less terrorism. Invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 might create more terrorism. We've become what bin Laden accused us of being. Iraq is creating more terrorists, had no links to al Qaeda, WMD's, chemical weapons or biological weapons.
Why did Republicans lose? Because George Bush is a bone head. He thinks he has a hot-line to God and he's wrong, stupid, arrogant and moronic. History will show that they were fools and idiots and simpletons and that they invade the wrong country. People thought they wouldn't lie us into a war, but that is what they did and that's what the election was about.
We can't win in Iraq, we don't know who we're fighting and we don't know what a win would look like. It isn't going to become a stable democratic country right in front of us. You'll become Richard Petty before that happens.
We need to isolate the terrorists socially and economically. Invading Iraq has nothing to do with that. The war in Iraq is unwinable because our enemies aren't there. It was a bad idea from the beginning. Getting rid of Hussein is a good idea unless the result is worse than the alternative.
The Republicans lost because invading Iraq was a crappy idea. We should leave today. Why wait? It's taken a lot of time for these liars to get through to the american people. Now we see what it is, with soldiers trapped over there. Why should another american die over there? Because McCain doesn't want us to look bad?
Let's fight the terrorists of 9/11. Not Iraq.

-- Break --

Plays song God Save the Queen by the Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols

-- End of Song --

Mojo a while back saw this. After 30 mins on the war, he's going to calm down.
From a paper in England. "Are Rock Tours Bad for the Environment" says Radiohead singer. Now when these singers get all political. Michael Stipe about styrofoam cups, Don Henley hugging a tree, Beastie Boys talking about the Dali Lama and free Tibet.

If you want to free Tibet, go get a machine gun and fight the Chinese. Putting a bumper sticker on your car just says you're a pussy. If you want to free them, go to Kathmandu and fight the chinese.
Rock singers who want to save the environment should shut up. Think of the gas in your busses and to drive to the show and the electricity to put a show on. If you're a folk singer living in the woods and riding the rails, you might be able to sell that. But otherwise, shut up about styrofoam. Now they feel guilty about the money they made. If they were minstrel's or hobo's living off the grid with an acoustic instrument, that's fine, but otherwise shut up.


Bob Seeger's Katmandu Live from Cobo Hall.

--End of song--

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Mojo just got back from TX trying to help Kinky Friedman become governor. Unfortunately, Kinky got his butt kicked. It wasn't all a loss. It was fun. Kinky is a Jewish folk singer and detective novelist (Kinky Friedman's work at Amazon). He got 12-13% of the vote, half a million votes. There was a point back in the summer where he was polling at about 23% and the republican incumbent was only 33%. Mojo thought if Perry could be caught doing something bad and it was caught on film, Kinky could win.
Kinky spent $5million which is a decent amount of money, Perry spent about $20m. So it was decent money for an independent, but not overly organized. You should check out Kinky's books and records (at Amazon).
Kinky is soft and sentimental, stuff Mojo doesn't know about personally, but Mojo can pick it out in other people.
Also check out Bill Hicks' books and CD's
Mojo is only a pimple on the ass that is greatness.

--Bill Hicks clip--

Mojo realized that a lot of listeners that the Democrats did so well in the election at that the hypocrisy of the Republican administration has been revealed. But don't get your hopes up. George Bush can still veto things that come through.

And in the Senate it still takes 60 votes to get anything done. 51 can get it to the floor, but it takes 60 to get it to law and get it to be really moving. While Pelosi can put a happy face on things and change the tone. But can't do much. Think of the government and lobbyist. Most of the government isn't political appointees or elected and they grinds away day after day. They don't care who was elected or the lobbyist. The regular person is screwed. We just vote for a couple people and not for the vast majority of government. When we vote there's just a couple people on the ballot. That's the result of the two main parties. Maybe we need to have a new constitution convention. We need to legalize drugs and get rid of the electoral college. With it no one will get elected who isn't part of the electoral college which is basically Democrats and Republicans. If you get 49% of the vote you don't get any of the votes in the college (Ed. with the exception of a few states) If you have money you can buy government decisions to some extent. Iraq may have been mishandled but that's irrelevant, it was a stupid and wasteful idea.

End of show.

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