Summary of 11/3/06 show

The election is on the horizon.
John Kerry is an issue? The horse faced guy who let Bush win in '04? The Republicans think he should apologize? Looks like Dems will win congress and probably split the Senate.

Don't think Mojo is just going to pick on Republicans. He's going to attack Democrats too. The dems put these wooden candidates out there. Bubba (Clinton) was another issue. You might want to go to a football game with Bubba, who wants to go with John Kerry.

Kerry had a bad punch line and he screwed it up. If he'd put Bush's name there it would have made it clear. If he'd thrown Bush's name in there he could have been pissing on a flag and claiming the soldiers were from another planet and the point would have gotten across.

If you like Iraq vote republican, if you don't, don't vote Republican. If you think Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney, is the way to go, vote Republican.

If you see the facts on the ground and think we might be screwing things up, that Iraq is moving from peace to a mess, if you're tired of being called a terrorist every time you question the government, vote for something other than Republican.

Now the republicans are asking "Do you want us to lose?"

The first question should be (from a long time ago) is should we have invaded? But now it is can we win with what is the current paradigm in Iraq? Are things going better or worse in iraq now? Currently we're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Now we're stuck in the middle of a civil war that has almost nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.

John Kerry and his apology has nothing to do with the situation on the ground. If it was a really close fight and we had a moral high-ground, it might make a difference if we were on the troop's side.

Bush says that the Democratic goal is to get out of Iraq. The Republican one is to win in Iraq. But should we even want to win? This isn't high-school football. The questions republicans are asking are meaningless.

The election will be a referendum on Iraq. Yes some items will be on local issues. Think of how much the Republicans had to screw up to ruin the favorable position of America in foreigners eyes. If we really wanted to win, we wouldn't have gone in.

We invaded the wrong country. Osama isn't in Iraq. It's like invading Columbia to get at Mexico. If they don't like the critics, why don't they succeed. Maybe people won't criticize so much.

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Is Osama in Iraq? How many Islamic Jihadists threatened the US before we invaded. We invaded the wrong place. How did we think we were going to turn three giant ethnic groups who hated each other to get along. Saddam did it by cutting their heads off.

If we leave, and we will leave, we'll surely declare victory. But the victory today is the same victory we could have claimed two years ago. Have these soldiers died in vain?

People were upset after 9/11 and let emotions get the best of them. But Iraq was just a paper tiger. After we found they had no WMD's we should have admitted that we invaded the wrong country and left. Osama could be on trial right now and the Republicans would be sweeping the midterm elections, but no we got stuck in Iraq getting our asses kicked.

Who believes there was a good reason for the US to invade Iraq? Will someone be able to go to the parents of these dead kids and tell them that their kids didn't die in vain. Yes some Iraqi lives are better, they are freer, less oppressed and done reconstruction work. But that's about all you can say on the positive side, but the negative side is huge.

Missing from the American emotions is shame. When we invaded we made ourselves responsible for the outcome.


Back to the election. Mojo predicts Democrats will win the house. The republicans have an advantage
1. Incumbents
2 more money
3. Gerrymandering
4 a good machine to get the vote out.

But if you go out and tell lies, you'll lose it all.

Tennessee has a black man running for Senate. If he wins he'd be the first black Senator from the state. Harold Ford is always refereed to as the first black Senator. But have you taken a look at him? How black is he. Back in the Jim Crow days, if you were 1% black and people knew it, you were black. There were some very light skinned black people and many went up north. Harold Ford can't be more than 20% black. Its crazy that we're calling him the first black Senator. He may have grown up in a black cultural environment, but he's mostly white.

In south America they have blacks, whites and a mix (used to be known as Creoles.)

The thing that has changed most since Mojo was a kid is that now, black and white people get together and produce brown kids all the time. Back then it was a huge deal and people had to go move someplace where it is accepted. Now it is more of a huge melting pot. So now we're going to have a country where people aren't all black or white.

Now if I was in TN, I'd be wondering if he's smart. Does he have tenacity, does he have staying power. Who cares if he's black. Pretty soon everyone's going to be all mixed together. They'll have the best parts of everyone in them. This is part of evolution. If all these people keep screwing, we'll create a new brand of super-folks. Look at Derek Jeter. He's got a white and black parent and he's a great ballplayer.

Prejudice is when you prejudge people. Don't look at a group. Group's can't agree on anything. Judge the individual.

Shout out to Kinky Friedman. Mojo can go on about how great Kinky is, how they wrote a movie together than Hollywood types chose to not produce.

--Kinky is Everywhere Song--

If you're down in TX don't forget to vote for Kinky on Tuesday for Governor. And next week Mojo will be in Austin on the Kinky campaign trail following Kinky around. When Kinky wins and Mojo becomes his drug czar, he'll make sure people get what they want.

More news. Mojo will not only be on every weekday and once a week on 102.
LC will be going back live and maybe daily
He's also going to be on the NASCAR channel (128) next saturday Nov 11th 9a Eastern called Manifold Destiny (wanted to call it jeff Gordon is a Robot, but someone killed that idea. It's a NASCAR talk show.

Back to politics, last wed or thursday, the NJ supreme court came back saying NJ should allow gay unions. Mojo insists this is a equal protection issues, like you can't have separate laws for men and women, or jews and others, or blacks and whites, they should be allowed to marry. NJ claims that NJ has to allow something that is similar to regular marriage if not calling it that.

Mojo thinks if you don't like gay marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex. How does someone divorced 4 times go on TV and defend the sanctity of marriage. Bush thinks marriage should be protected from activist court judges.

This is a court ruling, not an activist judge that is interpreting the NJ constitution that says there must be equal protection. Bush keeps bringing up "sacred" but that has to do with religion and the state remember isn't about religion. It may take 10-15 years, but eventually it will all come back to the equal-protection. The state does 't care about holy matrimony. The state cares about the legal thing, the civil union (regardless of the mix of sexes.) Remember the separation of church and state.

To the real christian nut jobs who think god is talking, they'll see through this eventually. If you make it a civil union with all the same benefits what's the difference. The state should get out of holy matrimony. marriage shouldn't be about the church. Mojo got married at a go-cart track. His marriage was a sham, it was a mockery of holy matrimony. His legal marriage was a big FU to the holy matrimony. He thinks he and the bride of Mojo are still married because a church isn't involved.


Mojo has sad news. Rock and Roll Hall of fame is screwing things up again. Calls it the Hall of Shame. Why is it isn't it in Memphis. Didn't Rock n Roll start there? Van Halen, REM, Grand master flash, patti smith, ronettes, stooges are all eligible. People think Van Halen and REM are shoo-ins. Mojo thinks there's too many acts in there. REM? Mojo opened for them, the can't be in the hall. To get in you should be able to name 5 great songs by them. Fleetwood Mac and Mammas and poppas shouldn't be in there. They aren't rock. Rock isn't nice and easy and pretty. Van Halen, yes but the rest of these people, no.

Dave Clark Five? They don't belong there. They're in third row of the British invasion. They may be really good, but they don't belong. The Hall needs to be selective. Some of these bands like the Velvet Underground and REM maybe should be there in the great influences area. But not full inductees. The ceremony is in NYC, why not in Cleveland?

A panel of 500 industry executives will select 5. Why 5? They should select 2. There shouldn't be a set number for every year.

--Bill Hicks Comedy clip--

Was reading USA Today the other day. Reading a story and about Abstinence message was going beyond teens" This is crap, teenage boys think about sex all the time. They don't give help on birth control or STDs they just tell you not to have sex. Sadly this is against the body's instincts. The goal as a teenager should be not to get pregnant. This program is now targeting people up to 29 with federal money. They're telling people 20-29 not to have sex. Are they crazy? At that age kids don't sit and not have sex. These people are crazy, 90% of the people in that age range are having sex. This is a waste of money to teach abstinence to these people. These people are sex-crazed jisim monkeys.

In a related story, in England they are coming up with a make contraceptive pill. That's a good idea. Rubbers stink, they break, you lose them. Ever get them stuck up there and need to pull it out. What we need is a male morning after pill, one that works up to three states away, so if you get drunk and sleep with someone, you can still make sure you aren't going to have a kid with them.

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