Summary of the 10/21/06 show:

Segment 1

In Arkansas Eureka Springs is looking to vote to decriminalize Marijuana, making it the lowest priority similar to what has happened in Washington State. Lowering it to misdemeanor possession.

Mojo thinks all drugs can be legalized, why, because like alcohol and cigarettes are and people who want pot and coke can get their hands on them anyway.

Mojo thinks the drug companies don't want that to happen is that they don't have their hands into them. And that by having the drugs be illegal, the people who want to take them won't be a burden to society, like they are, um, now (Ed- wait that doesn't seem to be working now huh?).

These drugs should be legal for adults. Why should everyone be punished because there are a few who abuse them. Legal and prescription drugs are all addictive - see cigarettes and oxycontin (Rush Limbaugh's favorite). If people can't handle drugs, they shouldn't be taking them.

By making them illegal, the criminals and the mob are becoming more powerful and generates a lot of money for them where there is a huge markup.

By making them legal, you can define the supply rather than relying on the guy down by the beach with the nervous twitch. Thus you don't have to worry about getting bad stuff. If you legalize them, the criminal element goes away because the criminals won't be able to make any money off of them and you collect a ton of money in taxes.

Drug crime is mainly dealers fighting for turf, not the drug users. The users may make some bad decisions or steal your TV or car stereo, but they aren't going to kill people or hold your family hostage. They just want more money for drugs.

As long as pharmaceutical companies advertise their drugs on TV, there is no moral high-ground. Who put the AMA (American Medical Association) in charge of handing out drugs. But basically some people just take drugs, have a fun weekend and then head back to work.

Why do people take drugs? To escape from the drudgery of work and the "Pain of being alive!"

Also, when you make things illegal, malcontents like Mojo sit and look at it and wonder why they can't try it. Take away the illegal stigma, and people won't be so interested.

Legalize drugs and you could give them to sick people, ease their pain and let them enjoy their last few months or years without the pain.

Segment 2

Mojo wants to get high and speak to god and tell him the the college football BCS (Bowl Championship Series) is bullshit. It's a shemockery, an utter fabrication. There's no way to tell of the two best teams are playing. Who plays who should be decided on the playing field.

With 5 undefeated teams, how can you rank some of these teams behind ones with losses and against each other. Rankings should be by strength of schedule and who you beat. Not the "feelings" used to determine the BCS.

Understand that Boise St and Rutgers play a weaker schedule than some of the Florida schools. How have these TV people tricked us into thinking that the BCS is worthwhile. If at the end of the season there are three undefeated teams with all similar schedules and results, how do you knock some team out. How does Notre Dame get ranked high automatically even if they don't play anyone tough. There should be a playoff that uses the bowls that are already there.

4-6 teams should not be going to a bowl! That's embarrassing. Teams should have to win at least 8 games to go to a bowl. Some of the 50+ teams shouldn't make it. The top quarter should, and then work through the bowls as a playoff until there is a champion chosen.

Ohio St is #1 because they were ranked first in the pre-season polls, not because they've played better than some of the other teams. Ohio St beating Iowa St. when Iowa was ranked 13th doesn't mean anything now, Iowa St isn't ranked anymore.

Why do the teams need 20-30 days off between the end of the season and the beginning of bowls. It would be a perfect time for college football playoffs.


"The Departed" it isn't quite Good Fellows, but its better than Casino. Was a little long, but a goooood movie. Basic cops and criminals and both have someone undercover in the others' group. Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg steal the movie as South Boston cops. Daemon and DeCaprio are OK, but Alec and Mark are amazing. Not quite as good as Mojo in "Buttcrack, The Movie"

DeCaprio was better in the Aviator, but was miscast in "Gangs of New York". But was really good in the Basketball Diaries. But The Departed makes you walk out of the theater and go crazy to celebrate life.


The show may be going live more than once a week in the near future, but no details yet.

Mojo reads some headlines on the Iraq war. Will Bush's secret plan to win the war magically appear after the mid-term elections. None of the rumored plans mention victory. A few senators think there should be a new strategy. Cheney thinks that overall the soldiers are doing a terrific job given the circumstances.

But Mojo doubts Rumsfeld who he thinks should be fired. And maybe if he didn't want another 9/11 to happen again, they should "FIND BIN LADEN!!!!!"

The Bush family has now purchased a farm in Northern Paraguay. Who buys land to retire on in Paraguay? Retired dictators? Is he afraid of being labeled an enemy combatant? A new president could hold him with now lawyers. You know who shouldn't be the next President, John Kerry. Kerry has never had to struggle, he's married to billionaire women. Al Gore is the same thing. Both are children of privilege just like Bush. Kerry doesn't deserve a separate chance. Bush invaded the wrong country and Bush couldn't call him out on it during an election.

Mojo was against the Iraq war from the beginning, but feels we were tricked into it because we were shocked and angry after 9/11. We were shocked that the buildings fell down. We were shocked that it happened and we were angry. Somehow we let these guys in Washington trick us into invading Iraq.

Now people are rethinking their position. They liked the idea, but it was "mishandled". There "weren't enough troops". We could send 15 million Americans and it would still be a bad idea. Saddam was a threat to his neighbors, but not to the US. Saddam Hussein was the only guy in the area that wasn't part of a crazy version of Islam. He didn't let religious nutjobs thrive in his country because it would be a threat to his own power. By attacking a somewhat Muslim country all we did was hurt our position. It's someone's fault. Iraq was a crappy idea no matter what we did. This quagmire was going to happen regardless of when and how we invaded Iraq.

No one in this administration gets fired. We need to throw some of these people out. If we'd been tougher, we aren't going to win a land war in the middle east. The only way to win is to kill one in five Iraqis (a pirate victory), the perception of the US plummets and is it really a victory since we killed everyone.

One way to win is to isolate the terrorists in their country. Get the moderates on our side. The other is to get rid of all the terrorists, not by killing innocent people who were "collateral damage".

Mojo's still wanting to know "Why did we invade Iraq? What's the real reason?"

--Bill Hicks Clip--

Segment 3

Quote from Tony Snow and all the negative Republican stories. He thinks the liberal media is purposely making Republicans look bad by putting out negative stories. Mojo asks if it was the press that got Tom Delay arrested, screwed up Katrina, sent us to Iraq, sent Tom Foley's emails to pages. Was it the press that had North Korea set off a bomb?

The press wrote some books, yes, but they got their info in the real world where the Republicans keep screwing up.

The Republicans screwed up, the stories are based on facts. If you have a secretly gay congressman who's been hitting on pages for over 10 years, it doesn't seem bad, it IS bad.

If you didn't send troops to New Orleans a few days earlier, it doesn't seem bad, it IS bad.

If you get in bed with Abramoff, it doesn't seem bad, it IS bad.

There is fear of speaker Pelosi and more so fear of President Pelosi (based on succession paths in the death of the President). Can it be any worse than Speaker Hastert? Hastert ignored Foley's transgressions with pages. Foley was a good earner by bringing in bucks down in Florida. Pelosi can't be any worse than Hastert.

How bad could Democrats do (well according to Mojo, it is basically a bunch of stuff to increase spending and ultimately legalize drugs.



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