Summary of the 10/15/06 show:

Segment 1 (27m8s)
Has the US invaded the wrong country from the Axis of Evil. We had a one in three chance, could we have gotten it wrong.

Mojo's listened to some of the talking heads, and they keep saying there's no good military option in North Korea. Mojo wants to know why no one asked/said that about Iraq. Now people are being cautious. Rice and Bush both say the US won't attack North Korea.

If you're in North Korea's shoes and you see the US invade Iraq, maybe they get to work a bit harder making the bomb over there. Not to say crazy Kim Jong-il wouldn't have done it anyway.

Iraq was a depleted country that had lost two wars (against Kuwait and Iran). Saddam was a toothless tiger. Mojo was against the war from the beginning because Saddam was easy to take down, but then what?

Kim Jong-il is crazy and living in a closed society. The Chinese don't like him and he's right next door. We're still not sure it was a nuclear bomb [Ed. since confirmed] and while it may not be a threat to us (possibly Alaska) but Japan, Russia, South Korea and China are all within range of their failing missiles.

Bush rejected talks between just the US and North Korea saying Clinton tried that and it didn't do anything. Bush has made it worse by not talking to them and by calling them out in the Axis of Evil.

Maybe Iraq wasn't bad because you can use it as a launching pad to attack Iran, the third leg of the Axis.

Who can Korea attack, South Korea where we have a ton of troops or Japan which doesn't have a standing army. So if he goes a bit more loony, we have to rush people over there to protect those other countries.

Bush just sees things in black and white, good and evil, not realizing that there are spots in between where actions need to be taken that aren't so clear cut good and evil.

Mojo wants to know why we're allowed nukes, how did India and Pakistan slip in. If we don't want nuts to have nukes, we should get rid of Bush right now.

Mojo's in negotiations with SIRIUS Satellite Radio to expand Lyin' Cocksuckers to go live and more frequent shows.

China, England, France, Russia, German and unofficially Israel are all allowed nukes. So why do we invade some place that was no threat to the US. The Republicans have screwed this up and should be tried for war crimes.

We developed nuclear technology 60 years ago, Russia about 5 years later. So if nukes can sit in a stable country, of which Mojo classifies North Korea because it is a closed country. Anyone these days can theoretically make nukes because the information and/or technology is out there. We have thousands of nukes and missiles to deliver them. We're ready with our nukes, but the rest of the world is terrified that the nut-job in the US will go launch them.

Why can't Brazil develop nukes? Some UN sanctions. Well why can we hold them.

Mojo was thinking in the shower [Ed. beats some of his other activities]. He's a contrarian. If you tell him not to do something, he'll go out and do it. Which he likens to Kim Jong-il. By invading Iraq we've used up our threat to invade. Countries feared the threat. Korea would be as big of a mess as Iraq, and they can see that we aren't ready to take on a starving people with all the pain that we're still going through in Iraq.


Congress round-up
Foley didn't kill anyone like Kennedy at Chappaquiddick, neither did Hastert.

The Republicans won't still be in power after these elections. Hastert will be in trouble because all of Foley's transgressions were swept under the rug by the Republican leadership. It wasn't just one or two years ago. It was a continuing mess for the past 10 years. They turned their head so they could keep a seat in the house and the money he brought it.

If the Republicans are so about family values and protecting the children how come they just turned their heads when the pages are being stalked by Foley, who was a bit more than "friendly" towards the pages, Who cares if he's gay, these are kids.

Who thinks that the Republican controlled house is going to do a thorough investigation of this?


Corey Lidle.

A big story in NY because people assumed right away that it was terrorists and because it was the Yankees. While it is sad that he should have listened to Mojo's song "You gotta be insane to get in them small private planes" written after JFK Jr. died.

People who ride in those small planes die all the time. It's a huge list going back to Will Rogers. A few senators, golfers, Nascar associates of Hendrick. Back with the Nascar one, planes diverted, but the big whigs don't like to sit in traffic. They like to helicopter in. Do you think Lynyrd Skynyrd was looking at their money. Do you think they chose to get more coke or do plane repairs. Mojo thinks coke.

-- Mojo song -- you gotta be insane to fly in those planes.

Segment 2 (8m27s)
Catching up on things he forgot last week.
Bush is saying Democrats are weak on fighting terrorism. That we should trust the Republicans to be tough. It isn't a question on who's soft and strong. It's a matter of getting the job done, or who's right and wrong. Anyone who says they'd invade Iraq again is an idiot. It's a matter of being effective. We need to admit our mistakes and fix our policy there. Turns out Iraq had nothing to do with the war on terrorism. You want to end the war on Iraq, bring back the draft. The draft ended Vietnam because it brought everyone together. It showed some of the inequality because the rich got out of it and the poor had to go. If there was a draft we'd be out of Iraq right away.

Why are Americans dying there in Iraq? The first thing we should do is just get the hell out. They're killing each other faster than they're killing us. There could be close to 600k civilians dead in Iraq now. Not that the numbers really matter, those people are dead and its our fault.

Now the US plans to keep the same service levels in Iraq through 2010. Mojo agrees with Bush that we should be promoting moderation in the mid-east. But has no idea what Bush is thinking when deciding to go after Iraq. Thinks they're morons and imbeciles.

A U of Wisconsin professor has compared Bush to Hitler. Mojo's thinks that's an insult to Hitler

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Segment 3 (4m27s)
Mojo hates censorship.
This is the American Library Association's banned book week. But the ideas writing on a page can't be suppressed by Puritan, no fun leaders. Reads through some of the list.

Mojo failed 10th grade math because he was reading Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut.

Recap of Mojo's reading list. How he's standing on the shoulders of other hell raisers and pot stirrers who point out the hypocrisy.

On the Road - Jack Kerouac
The Crying of Lot 49 - Thomas Pynchon
Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me (Twentieth-Century Classics) - Richard Farina and Thomas Pynchon
Any Tom Wolfe Books
Hell's Angels - Hunter S Thompson
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S Thompson
Steal This Book - Abbie Hoffman
The Illuminatus! Trilogy: The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, Leviathan - Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson
Philip K Dick
Raymond Chandler and Kinky Friedman
Nick Tosches
The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy and the American Voice - Greil Marcus
Quilt Two - Ishmail Reed
Another Roadside Attraction - Tom Robbins

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Segment 4 (8m37s)
Population just passed 300 million
Mojo rode a bike from CA to VA. America is big and doesn't think that we're running out of landfill for our garbage, maybe in NYC, but not upstate, or in Utah or Arizona.

Thinks the immigration debate is stupid because there's so much room here. Assume there's 10 million illegals from south of the US. We have 300 million here normally. 96% of America is not an illegal immigrant. At what point is it a tidal wave. 3% isn't a tidal wave. People are now saying it is 20 million. Is 6% a tidal wave? Sounds like milk, 1%, 2% 5%. If you put some of them in a crowd you'd be hard pressed to figure out which ones they were. Immigrants tend to hang near where they come in near the boarders. But what about Montana and Minnesota and Iowa. if you spread them out they would hardly be an issue.

Say there's 10 million illegals in CA, if all were in CA 75% still wouldn't be illegals. When it is the lower end of single digits, it isn't so serious.

1) Mojo thinks we need to secure the border so people can't get in so easily.
2) We need to make it difficult for people to hire them, fine the employers.
If they have to get working cards and become legal it won't be the same problem.
Most illegals are otherwise law-abiding. They're coming here for the economic opportunity.
If no one hired them, they'd go home
Let some of these Washington people with 4 degrees figure out a way to keep the good ones.

But in summary we are not being taken over by these immigrants. We've been through this fear before with Jews, Blacks, Italians and the Irish.

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