Mark Foley has resigned. Oh they have a lot of excuses as to why this 52 year old congressman is hitting on 16-year-old pages:

Friends, this is BS. All the excuses don't matter a bit. Should a 52 year old congressman be hitting on a 16 year-old page, asking if he makes them horny?

The answer is no.

If that was your kid would you want your kid being hit on by him. The alcoholism is BS. Back when Mojo was a kid they called it jail bait. He doesn't care what it is, Mark Foley's a dirty old man. There's no proof of his alcoholism.

It's wrong for a 52 year-old congressman to be emailing sexual content to a 16 year old page.
As a parent you aren't thinking that the "bad crowd" that the kid will be falling in with is a Congressman. You're bright kid who got into the page program, you might expect him to be down in some club doing heroin, but not being hit on by a Congressman.

The idea that the Republicans would be accused of gay bashing? That's what the Republicans do best. The Republicans don't care about gay bashing, that's how they get elected.

But guess what, he wasn't openly gay. You may have suspected it if you knew him or worked with him, but it couldn't be gay bashing because no one knew the guy was officially gay.

Regardless if the Democrats released this information just before the election. It was still wrong.
This whole thing is ridiculous. It isn't the kids fault, the priest's fault, the alcohol's fault or even the Democrats fault. It was just wrong.

Don't blame the liberal society. Blame Mark Foley. Howe did he think he wasn't going to get caught writing emails and instant messages. Everything you write is captured someplace. He had to know he'd get caught.
He had a long time male companion he'd been with for years. But they kept it secret. Why secret? Because the conservative Republicans wouldn't have it. He wanted to become Senator, but wouldn't be able to do it as the first openly gay one. What's even more odd is that he was a conservative Republican too.
All these guys like to pretend they don't like sex. Not Mojo, he's a true libertine he likes sex and he likes drugs. And if you want to film yourself doing those things together or whatever, feel free to send it to him.

Mojo admits sexual thoughts are in his mind all the time. That old school religions don't interest him. He understands there are some things you shouldn't do, like cheat or kill, but not restrict what a consenting adult can do.
Two points:
1. A 52 year-old hitting on a page is wrong
2. Did Republicans protect the pervert to stay in power.

There's no correlation between someone's sexual orientation and whether they want to do that with kids. The perverts are separate no matter what sex they're interested in.
Celibacy doesn't work. Didn't work in the church or with closeted gay congressman.
The beast with two backs comes out.
Mark Foley was living the wild life. Emailing between votes and self pleasuring between votes in the cloak room.
With Hastert, we won't have to wait till next year. Now with this stuff coming out, these guys may not be hanging around the Republican leadership by this time next year. The bus is coming after the red faced bus of truth real soon.

Luckily for the Democrats, the Republicans have made this thing worse. There's all these timelines and excuses. But it doesn't matter because if there is the appearance of this behavior, they should have warned Foley that they were going to throw him under the bus. But guess what? They just turned their heads to protect one of their own and not the pages in the Senate. Hastert is done.

By making up all these excuses and spins for Foley, are they protecting a pedophile who was chasing teenage tail?

It doesn't matter the reason for going after the pages, it was just wrong.

Oh the most lurid emails aren't even on the TV. The ones where he talks about how hard his dick is, there're around on the internet. The Republicans shouldn't be protecting a pervert just to protect the house. There's 435 seats, they should be able to lose one.

Foley quotes:

How's my favorite young stud doing?
You need a massage.
Good, so you're getting horny?
Naked, completely naked? Cute butt bouncing in the air?
I like steam rooms
I'm as hard as a rock, so tell me when yours reaches rock.
Get a ruler and measure it for me. Take it out.
Page- My mom is yelling
Cool, I hope she didn't see anything
And now how about a little music to go with that boner

-- Music break
Pump it up Elvis Costello

-- End music

Who's a lying non cocksucker? Condi Rice. How can anyone believe anything she says
She has three major bald faced lies. She's either stupid or bald faced liar.

In the Bob Woodward book they talk of a meeting July 10th 2001 where George Tenet, Richard Clarke and J Kofer Black and Condi where they try to tell her something is up and that the big one is coming. A lot of info points that a big attack is coming.
What does Condi have to say?
" Well I am quite certain of is that I would remember if I was told of what this account apparently says. That there was an attack that was about to be launched on the US and the thought that I would somehow have ignored that, I find incomprehensible."

Well it is incomprehensible. Well all the people at the meeting remember it real good. They're in there telling you something is up, but you ignored it. Why? Because you were more interested in Saddam and didn't think it was important. Well now you have Saddam and how's that working

" Well no one could have foreseen the type of attack they would have. No one could have foreseen that they fly planes into buildings."

We had tons of info that they'd attach, and there were also 10 memos that warned they'd use planes as bombs.

Then a couple weeks ago, they were talking about what Clinton did and the transition
You swore that the Clinton admin left no plan or useful information about a bin Laden and an attack on the US. Well guess what you're a lying cocksucker.

We've now seen the plans, you were given it. You said it wasn't really a plan but just a series of ideas that could be put into effect. That's a plan.

There was a meeting where they said to be on the lookout. They said they had a regular meeting but you weren't interested, then they said they had a special meeting to make sure it got through. The truth doesn't seem to affect you at all Condi.

There was the famous memo, "Bin Laden determined to attack within the US"

You claim no one could have foreseen this. Well the FBI and CIA did, as NSA you should have been able to foresee this.

-- Quick ID Break --

Here's what Bush has to say
"Vote Republican for the safety. If they other bunch gets elected, they'll raise your taxes. If you want to make sure that those on the front line protecting you have the tools necessary to do so, you vote Republican for the safety of the United States of America."

"If the people of Arizona and the people of the US don't think that we should be listening in on the conversations of those who can do harm to the United States, then go ahead and vote for the Democrats."

" Democrats, soft on terror"

" Democrats can't be trusted. If you listen to some of the leaders of the Democratic party, it sounds like to me that they think the best way to protect the American people is to wait till we're attacked again. That's not the way its going to be under my administration. We will stay on the offensive. We will defeat the enemy overseas, so we don't have to fight them here at home."

These are lies and canards.
The Democrats want to listen to alqueada's message, but they want the government to get a subpoena for a wiretap. Using the secret court that is already set up. If Bush wants to he could declare Mojo an enemy of the state, put Mojo in jail and deny him any due process. Mojo thinks Bush can blow him.

The idea that we can fight tem there vs. here? Well how many terrorist were in Iraq before we invaded. How many people responsible for 9/11 were over there. You know where they didn't come from? Iraq.
The only thing the Republicans have to run on is the war on terror. That's pitiful. They invaded the wrong country and created a mess. The idea that we'd be treated as liberators there and that the oil would pay for it. When is that going to happen.

5 Reasons the Republicans can't win the war on terror

  1. The Republicans don't believe in government - see Katrina they thing the government shouldn't be strong and powerful.
  2. They see the war on terror as a way to make Halliburton rich, not to stop terrorism
    they want to make their contracting buddies rich. regardless if they're doing it write. They want to give their buddies good contracts
  3. They wear ideological blinders - they can't see the reality of Iraq. They couldn't see it before we invaded. They don't see that its a mess that we created out of our own stupidity. They idea that it would change the religious political climate of the mid-east is wrong.
  4. Forgot to say
  5. They politicize the war on terror. They made it their cause, when it should be American's cause. bin Laden didn't just target Republicans, they targeted all Americans. On 9/12/2001 Republicans and Democrats were ready to put aside their differences. People all over the world were doing that. But Bush, Cheney and Rice have gone and screwed up the good will all in the US and the good will all over the world towards the US to the highest degree.

Mojo wants Bush to run on the war, go ahead.
Gary Kamiya

Wimpy Rambo's
Terrified of being called weaklings, the Democrats have only dared to nitpick Bush on Iraq. They need to address the real problem, this entire war on terror. " Iraq isn't turning out so well
" ...but these are feeble and superficial criticisms, the Democrats are terrified to go anywhere near the real problem which is not just Iraq but Bush's "Global War on Terror." They should say unequivoqually, that Bush's entire approach to fighting terror, not just the Iraq debacle, but the neo-conservative cold war on ideology behind it is completely misguided and has severely harmed Americas national security. They should point out that fight against a few thousand jihadists is not a new cold war, and that by turning it into one, Bush is creating enemies faster than we can kill them. They should say as terror expert Louise Richardson does in her important new book "That purely military solutions to indigenously supported terrorism will only work if you're prepared to destroy the entire population. That's turn it into glass." They should deride Bush's comic book like claim that groups as radically different as al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, the Iranian and Syrian regimes and Sunni insurgents in Iraq are all part of some same monolithic Islamo-fashism menace that wants to establish a radical Islamic empire that expands from Spain to Indonesia. They should sound the alarm about Bush's criminal neglect of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis which polls have repeatedly shown to be the single greatest source of anti-American feelings in the

mid-east and the Muslim world. " Maybe he was listening to LC last week before he wrote the column
" The Democrats should put terrorism in its proper perspective. They should acknowledge that we are grossly overestimating al Qaeda's strength from the beginning and as James Follows argues in the Atlantic, they are far weaker now. They should point out what every expert on terrorism knows, that no country can be completely free of terrorism, or any war on terrorism is doomed, both to be endless and to fail."
Terrorism is a tactic it isn't an enemy. Usually used by a weak power to get a point across.
" The Democrats should urge us to implement a quiet but effective two track tactic against terrorism. In which we use intelligence and law enforcement to hunt down existing terrorists. While we pursue a foreign policy that will decrease the number of future terrorists. And they should warn that a US attack on Iran would be a blunder so vast that it would make Iraq's quagmire look like the cakewalk that Bush's ignorant cheerleaders told us it would be."

Mojo's been saying that for over a year now.
We're being hornswaggled by idiots. We're screwed if we leave and if we stay.
Mojo's manager Bullethead said to him "there's only one person who can put Iraq back together again, and we're holding him prisoner, Saddam Hussein."
Crazy talk or no? Tell Mojo a better plan. What happens if Saddam just escapes and gets back with his old buddies. Well half the population will probably be with him. They'll be comfortable with what they know. It is safe. Like Mojo can call his brother an idiot at home.

--Quick break--

Frisco TX news story. An popular art teacher, Miss McGhee with 28 years in the classroom is out of a job after leader her fifth grade classes last April through the Dallas museum of art. One of her students saw nude art in the museum. After a student complained, the teacher was suspended.
This is dumb beyond belief. This fear of nudity needs to stop. How'd we let whomever into tricking us into believing our bodies are dirty. Who first said they feel shameful that they're naked. Under our clothes we're all naked. This isn't "promoting family values". How do you make a family? By screwing. How do you screw, by getting naked. So what are the two greatest family values? Naked people screwing.
How long will it take. It's 2006, the 60's were quite a while ago and we're suspending a teacher over bringing kids to see a naked statue. Well the kids mom was naked when they made the kid.

Why are we afraid of sex and nudity? Why is it empowered so. They're prudes. They don't want Mojo to swear. They blame it on his small vocabulary. Mojo think's they want to limit his vocabulary by keeping him from swearing.

The devil would do something like this. He'd trick us into believing that our bodies are dirty and shameful. And that the act of creating life is nasty and dirty. If the devil exists that's what the devil would do to us. The devil would turn us into cowards. He's Mojo and he's nude right now, so Dallas can kiss his ass.

--Bill Hicks break--

Mojo singing "Woke up this morning had those page email blues" new song.

--End of show.

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