Intro cliff knobles and country doing the horse.
Iraq free Friday. It might be brought up someplace. But he won't be asking why we went to war.
Not only not talking about Iraq, but he's going to play upbeat songs rather than dark songs.
War pigs - hayseed dixie
He'll play:
Happy Boy - Beat Farmers
Be Young Be Foolish, Be Happy by the Tamms
Richard Pryor, not Bill Hicks
Its a new and improved happy Mojo Nixon. Mojo can't stop the war in Iraq.
What is the secret history of underground weirdo America?
Plays some waiting for a pen and paper music.
Where did Mojo get his rebelliousness
On the Road - Jack Kerouac
Confederacy of Dunces -
Movie - Vanishing Point
Philip K Dick - really not about science fiction, is about what's real and what's not real and is the man screwing with you.
Robert Anton Wilson - Illuminati Trilogy and the next 50 books by him. Including Sex Magicians
Ishmael Reed - start with Mumbo Jumbo
Nick Toshes - rock rider who's lost his mind, book about country music, sonny liston, jerry lee lewis (Hellfire), Best book is about Dean Martin
Movie - Marlon Brando in the "wild one"
Movie - James Dean
Movie Marty Sheen in Badlands
Kinky Friedman - detective novels
Raymond Chandler - great detective books
links on the road to abbie hoffman books - been down so long it looks like up to me - richard Farina - joan baez's brother in law
Abbie hoffman - steal this book
Movie - Vincent Dionofre movie about abbie, Steal this book - and book
Thomas Pynchont -  crying of lot 49
Hunter Thompson - hell's angels
Tom Wolfe
Tom Robbins
Ken Kesey
Reverend Ivan Stang - church of the sub genius
-- Break --
Beat Farmers' Happy Boy
-- End of Song
Move to the Pope, the pope must be smoking dope (for the former Nazi youth) to go back to Germany and give a speech about religion and reason and spreading religion by the sword. He citied this obscure medieval text that spoke of the teachings of Islam's leader Mohammed as evil and inhuman, particularly his command to spread by the sword the faith.
Then people in the Muslim countries get all fired up
"From Manual II Paleos" Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new and there you will find only evil and inhuman. Such as his command to spread by the sword the faith preached.  "
The pope didn't say it, but didn't refute it. So Muslims are going crazy after being accused of being violent and spreading the faith by the sword. How do they react? By rioting and burning buildings.
When you accuse someone of being violent, they normally wouldn't respond by being violent.
That's why Mojo thinks organized religion has done as much bad as it has good. This idea that my invisible friend is better than your invisible friend is ridiculous.
There is no reason in religion, you have to believe and have faith and submit. If god has all the answers you don't need to think. God must have wanted it that way, or so you believe.  That the bible was written 50-60 years after Jesus died doesn't matter, because "God's" hand was in it. What a bunch of BS.
Mojo realizes some people like religion because it helps explain the violent psychotic nature of existence, and that's fine. But don't shove it down his throat.
That the Pope is going to quote someone saying that Muslims are violent and evil is stupid. Maybe he doesn't remember the Crusades and the Inquisition. The Catholics was damned violent too. The Muslims are just a few hundred years behind Christianity, they're still in the middle ages of religion comparatively.
The idea the the Jews are the chosen people. Say there is a god. Why choose those people. Why not everyone. Remember Catholics, you weren't moderate 500 years ago during the Reformation. The Catholics started killing Protestants right after Martin Luther nailed his work to a door.
In France in 1550 or something 50k French Protestant Huguenots were killed and massacred by the Catholics. The church and the state were the same thing. Don't talk how "we don't spread our religion by the sword." What happened in south and central America.
Religion is nothing more than organized superstition. If you're religious and teaching people to hate and fear people different than you. You're not doing religion or any sort of philosophical thing to help humanity. You're organizing to fight. And that's what the Jews had to do way back then.
That Mohammed went to a cave an God told him these things. Well Joseph Smith did the same thing here in America.
Throughout the middle ages in Europe, which was controlled by the Catholic church, the Jews, Protestants, Gypsies and anyone who was different or a heathen was killed or run out of the country, starved, imprisoned, enslaved.
If religion is to do anything at all to help mankind, it has to be about love and forgiveness. Bettering the nature of man.
Don't kill
Don't steal
Don't beat
Don't cheat.
It's real simple.
The old testament and the Koran are full of crazy stuff.
Such as the abominations in the bible:
Certain animals
eating a sacrificial offering
eating pork
Egyptians eating bread with Hebrews
dishonest scales
idol worship
killing innocents
law breakers
lust and prostitution
man lying with man
marrying the daughter of a foreign god
obstinacy or disobedience
oppression of the poor
unclean or unsanitary food
sacrificial offerings from the wicked
spreading discord
race mixing
that which is highly esteemed among men
A lot of this has nothing to do with us today.
The bible (old testament) has a lot of things punishable by death
working on the Sabbath
committing adultery
men having sex with men
children disrespecting their parents - yes kids could be killed for this
gluttons or drunks
having sex with the daughter in law
having sex with the mother in law
men or women having sex with animals
practicing witchcraft
coitus interrupts or masturbation

Catholics and Muslims should both look back at the Old Testament. It's very simple. Thou shall not kill is clear. There weren't any caveats.
-- Music break
Be Young Be Foolish, Be Happy by the Tams
-- End of music
Mojo want to talk football
Oklahoma vs. Oregon.
OK president wants the game voided. The officiating crew has gotten a one game suspension after what appears to be a number of bad calls.
Every football game has mistakes. You play football to win by getting the most parts. There's mistakes made all over the game from running back to coach to referees.
The replay official couldn't make a call because he didn't have color and couldn't freeze-frame the play. So he didn't have irrefutable evidence to overturn the call on the field.
Over the course of a season this should balance out.
In baseball all the time they call people out who aren't. There are a lot of judgment calls in football (pass interference and ground causing the fumble).
Its unmanly that OK is dealing with it this way. On any given day college kids can beat another. If you don't want a referee to influence it, get ahead by 20 points. You don't know if OK had gotten the ball if they would have been able to hold onto it. OK could have thrown an interception. OK needs to shut up and get ready to play whoever they play next (Baylor).
If you don't want the refs or a fumble to decide the game, get ahead. Subconsciously people are going to lean towards the home team. That's what home field advantage is all about. The screaming and whatnot. It's nothing new.
This is a function of college football not having a playoff system and this kills their championship possibilities. But what really hurt their chances? Their quarterback who's getting paid to do nothing and couldn't move the ball up the field.
Why aren't college football players paid? Think of all the money that the TV and attendance brings in. Maybe they shouldn't be paid a whole lot, but enough so they don't have to go to the boosters and get paid under the table.
Reggie Bush
Oh, his parents were getting money from an agent. Who cares. He isn't at USC anymore. What they did wasn't illegal, it was against the NCAA rules. It's a sham. This is the NFL's minor league. They aren't student athletes. Some are dumb bodies that are just trying to get into the NFL.
If you come from a rich family, your parents can give you all they want. You can have 5 Escalades. But if you're from a poor family its against the law to take money from the boosters. College football should pay their athletes and have a playoff system.
The BCS is BS. It is completely dominated by the big schools in the big conferences who are the old time powers. Little schools and little conferences, you could be 12-0 and you still go to a crappy weed-eater bowl.
Oh, but what about the polls?
The polls should start like week 5 or 6. There shouldn't be a preseason poll. Say you're 8 preseason and you only lose one game, you're going to stay in the top 10. Other teams have no chance of getting there. Its easier to stay there than get in from the outside.
It should be decided on the field. College football ends right around thanksgiving. You have 6 weeks of bowl games that could be used to decide the playoffs. An 8 team playoff. That way the best teams emerge victorious. Think of the money. Think of how many people would be watching. And with 8 teams it's a bit representative. That way you don't have these 3rd and 4th place teams that are close but get held out of the championship game.
Scheduling div II opponents and counting those as wins is crap.
No team who wins less than 6 games should be allowed in.
You should have to win 8 games to go to a bowl, and there should be a college playoff.
-- Quick ID Break --
Rather than Bill Hick's psycho hate vibe, he's going to play Richard Prior today.
-- End of Pryor clip
People love to hate another group.
The US House of Reps have voted to build 700 miles of fencing along the Mexican border"
After that we can talk about the other issues.
Mojo isn't a math genius, but he's pretty sure its closer to 1951 miles, no where close to 700 miles. Even if they already have some fencing, there's still a whole lot of open territory. Maybe if you build a fence that doesn't block off everything, they'll eventually find a way around it.
You could find a triple fence 30 feet high, someone will get a 31 foot ladder. Build it 6 feet into the ground, someone will tunnel 8 feet to get below it.
Plus you can take the ocean or airplane or catapult.
We should secure our border, but it wont stop people from coming. They're coming for the jobs and the opportunity. As long as people up here are hiring, they'll come here. There are Mexican immigrants working all over the place in jobs that regular Americans don't want to do.
There are places in TX that are literally in the middle of nowhere, you'd have to have a solider every 10 feet to stop people.
You want to stop people, stop giving them jobs. Make it so they can't get a job unless they go through the proper channels, like a border checkpoint, get a temporary work permit.
They hire them, paying in cash at below the minimum wage. As soon as businessmen who are mostly Republicans, stop hiring them. Then we can start to solve this problem. They aren't coming here because they like to ride the rail and walk through the desert. They're coming because they want to work. Because they can make a lot more money here doing jobs we don't want to do, than they can in Mexico.
And the ones that are already here, we need to figure out a way to make them permanent if they want to stay. Get them in the system. Then the way to stop them is to prevent them from working unless they have the proper card. Then there would be no reason to sneak around the fence.
Yes cards and papers can be counterfeited. But the vast majority don't want to cheat and lie. If American businesses were fined $100k and the owners of those businesses were put in jail for hiring illegal workers, this would stop in a heartbeat.
150 years ago it was the Irish, then Germans and Jews etc. The ones who came over may not assimilate well, but their kids will.
When Mojo was in Cincinnati they told him that back in the 30's they had German papers and movie theaters there.
If they want to come here and do work that Americans don't want to do, that's great. Pretty soon they'll be Americans with fast cars and playing football and joining country clubs.
We aren't being taken over.
In places where there weren't any before, there are a few and getting people antsy.
If life started in Africa, we're all immigrants.
America is full of people from other places.
Pat Buchanan "There's more immigrants now than all the people who immigrated 100 years ago." Well that's because there's a lot more people overall
"36 million immigrants right now, and that's more than all the Irish, German and Jewish immigrants and others who came to America over the last 400 years. "
There was a lot less people then
1 in 12 have a criminal record. What type of record, parking tickets. How does that compare to the current population in general.
End of show.

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