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Either you're good at the war on terrorism or we should be afraid. You can't be both.
Mojo Nixon isn't afraid to speak the truth.
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Mojo's going to talk about 9/11.
Mojo was at the Chargers game the other night.
The terrorists was unbelievably efficient.
They could have been caught at their port of entry. Their visa's could have had problems. A red flag could have come up from the NSA.
But that didn't happen. They all got in.
There were some FBI agents that didn't get very far up the line with reports that they may be suspicious. We could have caught them at the airport, or security or a no-fly list. They could have been caught on their dry run. They could have been stood up to like the PA plane. They could have missed the building. It's a big plane, they weren't good pilots and they're moving fast.
If they'd hit another building, the buildings would probably still be standing. The exoskeleton nature of the trade center is what caused it to fail. If they'd hit the empire state building, it might have knocked the top off, but the bottom would still be there. But all those things went their way. Only the forth plane didn't go their way.
Did they even know the buildings would fall down? Sure people may have been trapped on top floors. But knocking the buildings down is what screwed with the people's psyche. A symbol of capitalism.
On this 5th anniversary, why has no one been held accountable for not connecting the dots ahead of time. Condoleezza Rice has been promoted after she got a memo stating that Osama wanted to attack. George Tenet got the Medal of Freedom.
Someone should have been fired. Especially Condoleezza Rice.
There were two attacks in 13 years by al-Qaeda on US soil. Keep things in perspective. They were eight years apart and the first attack may or may not have been directly related to al-Qaeda. The 1993 attack contained the explosion. Condoleezza Rice should have known back then that they wanted to attack us.
Then they attack again on September 11th. That many people die every month in Iraq. It is more like 25 years. Since 1979 when they attacked the US Embassy in Iran.
Do these rulers think people don't use logic anymore.
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Bush said "today we are safer, but not yet safe"
Which is it? al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization. It can only be a minor problem. They don't have a standing army. They don't control a country (they did for a bit with the Taliban in Afghanistan). They're a minor threat.
We're safer today as a result of the attacks, similar to if you ever get attacked, you take some precautions to prevent it from happening again.
If they aren't due to attack for another 3 years (been 5 and assuming an attack every 8) the fact that there hasn't been another attack isn't a big accomplishment. Someone may be trying to use fear and hate to protect House and Senate seats.
A smart person would realize that Saddam Hussein wouldn't allow al-Qaeda into Iraq. First he wouldn't tolerate any threats to his regime and second they're religiously oriented and he doesn't like those nut-jobs either.
Someone figured they could trick the US into thinking Hussein was bin Laden and bin Laden was Hussein. Just this week Rice was trying to make some connection.
A Senate report published by a republican came back and said there was no relationship between al-Qaeda and Iraq. Every other country in the region has ties to religious nut-jobs, but Iraq.
Being attacked twice in 25 years is a minor irritation. We attacked the one country in the mid-east that had nothing to do with Islamic extremism. All we're doing is fanning the flames of hate? Why because we cut the head off the serpent. We've made Iraq worse than when Saddam Hussein was running it.
Iraq is the turd in our punchbowl of happiness. There weren't terrorists there before we went in. And the reasons we can't leave is because we don't want to attract more terrorists there, but its our fault they are there in the first place.
The majority of the Muslims want nothing more than what we want, women. Its a small minority that's causing problems. They can blow up something small here and there, but nothing huge. Look at the British with the IRA, Spain with the Basque, Israel with the Palestinians. Are they at their knees, no. They're an irritation.
Sadam didn't harbor or support terrorists. Pakistan does and did, Saudi Arabia does also. It's a complex world and the Bush team can only see black and white, and not even do that well.
The question to be asked when the elections come up, was Iraq a good idea, who can best get us out, was it executed properly?
The people who got us in, can't get us out. Rumsfeld has screwed up.
The world isn't safer, we've created a haven for terrorists and more terrorists. Saddam wasn't a threat, he was barely hanging on. We could have waited longer for inspectors or his own people to swallow him up. How is it the US is going to bring democracy and peace to Iraq with the barrel of a gun.
Saddam was a paper tiger. Extremists are coming to Iraq now because Bush screwed up. We lied and attacked the wrong country and now we won't admit it. Osama may be calling this the third world war. But we aren't at our knees. That would be us backed up to the Mississippi out of nukes and fighting the Russians. But that isn't what is happening. These terrorists are a minor problem that should have been dealt with years ago.
Apparently the God of the old testament is the one that everyone is seeing. He's the one that was all into this fighting. The God that Jews, Muslims and Christians all point to is the same one. Nationalism not Islam is the root of terrorism.
Dying to win - Strategic of suicide terrorism - Robert page has collected data.
95% of suicide attacks are to expel people they think have taken land they perceive as their homeland. Little connection to Islamic fundamentalism.
Religious conservatives are trying to start a third awakening as a result of this confrontation, including Bush.
Bush also said that more troops in Afghanistan isn't the answer, Mojo disagrees. Osama pays the Afghanis too well. They won't turn him in.
John Bayunard thinks those who want us out of Iraq will just embolden the terrorists? Who has emboldened the terrorists? Perhaps the Us.
We have played into their hands by acting like a bumbling giant. We've been outfoxed and hornswaggled. Our desire for revenge has pushed us down a path of stupidity.
History will not show that Bush was right. It will paint him as a pathetic lying psycho.
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Football is back and Mojo has some thoughts.
Mojo likes all football, was just at the Charger Oakland game the other night.
How do you win in football? Getting the most points.
But people keep bringing up defense. If you score more points you win the game, regardless of possession time.
Mojo wants to get rid of punts and field goals. So instead of three chances to more ten yards, you have four chances. You'll make some of those 4th down chances. It's dictated just like getting it a bunch on the earlier downs.
If you're close and you can't kick for a field goal, you have another down to go for it. A touch down is worth more than two field goals with an extra point or two.
The defense should work on stopping them, but more importantly getting the ball back. Defense should be more about smart versatile players.
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High school football Friday night - Mojo Nixon, Root Hog or Die- B000000QG7
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Rent V for Vendetta if you want to see the Bush administration at work. You'll see exactly how we're being lied to and hornswaggled. It's a great inspiring movie. It has two big ideas
1. The government should be afraid of the people. The government serves at the pleasure of the people.
2. Ideas have power. You can kill, shoot or jail me, but ideas like liberty and justice don't die when you kill me. The ideas are eternal and they inspire people to stand up.
The president wants to legalize alternative means of interrogation. What is that?? Torture. Mojo'd be for it, if it worked. Tortured people tell you whatever you want to hear. After the first five minutes it may work, but after they've been in jail for a while it stops working.
President also wants warrant-less wiretaps. Wants the bill to say that they should use FISA courts, but that they don't have to.
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